Some Devastating Effects of Technology on Our Environment

Modern technology is affecting us and our environment. Since the industrial revolution, New technologies are being manufactured all over the world. This technology is impacting the environment, which includes misuse and damages to the earth. Any environmental pollution is harmful to humans and other living beings. Here some destructive and devastating effects of technology are going to be highlighted.

Technology and its’ destructions

Technology is damaging the environment and the world in two ways. 1. Pollution 2. Depletion.

Pollution: Excessive quantities of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur, carbon monoxide, methane, etc., are being emitted into the earth’s atmosphere. Different technologies, such as burning fossil fuels, factories, vehicles, were mainly related to the industrial revolution. These poisonous gases are polluting the air, and it impacts negatively on our health and global warming. Greenhouse gases causing the temperature to rise. On the other hand, water pollution results from contamination water of lakes, rivers, and oceans by human activities. Water is being polluted commonly by domestic waste, insecticides, industrial waste, etc. Air and water pollution are causing diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer, typhoid, cholera, etc., fatal diseases. 

Depletion: It is another negative effect of technology on the natural environment. Depletion means the consumption of sources faster. Several types of resource depletion are happening around us, such as deforestation, mining for minerals and fuels, overconsumption of resources, etc. Due to population increase, natural resources are also running out. Deforestation was never more than now. Eventually, carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere, and animals are losing their natural habitats.

Conclusion: Every one of us has to stand against these pollutions of nature. The use of energy-efficient and less hazardous technology should be encouraged. We can encourage manufacturers who take steps to protect the environment. You can also do your job to reduce environmental pollution. Otherwise, no one will be able to stop humans from extinction.

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