Some Drawbacks of Technology in Our Society you need to be aware of

Most of us only think and focus on the benefits of technology. They don’t want to remember the disadvantages of the technologies they use. Because of so many advances in technology, its drawbacks now seem like a misnomer to even mention. 

Disadvantages of modern technology 

1. Wasting our valuable time

There is a lot of gear and gadgets that modern technology has given us. People use them without any reason, and they think those are giving them happiness. But actually, those unnecessary use of technology is wasting their precious time. Like watching TV, video games, mobile phones, etc., waste time, and even harm our health. 

2. Distraction from work and study

Modern technology is becoming very much distracting nowadays. Smartphones, Tv, video games, and other device or gadgets are distracting people from their work, study, and family. Most young people have been addicted to those technologies and have lost interest in their goals and aims. 

3. Reducing the creativity

Reducing creativity is one of the most significant drawbacks of technology. People always remain busy with their smartphones, laptops, and other modern gadgets, resulting in the reduction of their creativity. Now, if we face even any simple problem, we take help from the internet. It is resulting in a reduction of the invention. People can’t find any time to think about a new solution or new idea which can be implemented. 

4. Technology causing social isolation

Social isolation of people is causing nowadays for modern technology. Everyone is always busy with their TV and mobile phone so much that they don’t want to do anything else. Doing other activities like social activity or playing in the field and meeting people seems irrelevant to them. By visiting this site you can know about how to Iphone repair.

Conclusion: It has become an inevitable task that new rules and laws need to issue against the use of technology. Modern technology helps us in many ways, and no one can deny that. But excessive and wrong use of technology is also creating destruction in our life and society.

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