Study abroad: How to use CatEight to apply for courses?

You are about to do a semester abroad, but you don’t even find courses you want to choose or what you should consider when choosing a course? No problem! In this post, you will find a few tips and questions that can help you make a decision.

What does my home university want?

This question should also be asked when looking for courses at the university abroad. Does my home university want me to choose courses similar to the ones I would take at home, or am I free to choose? For me, it is the case that I was able to choose relatively freely. The only thing I couldn’t get credit for would have been yoga or a pure math course. But to be honest, I wouldn’t have been in the mood for it either. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to something like this, then you will have it easier with the Learning Agreement.

If you want to make a career abroad, you don’t have to cramp up when choosing your university. By studying at a conventional university abroad, you lay a good foundation for your further career.

What are my interests?

You should ask yourself this question when choosing a course. When you are abroad, you often have the opportunity to try something new, to sniff in a thematically different direction or to deal more intensively with a certain topic. All of these things apply to me. Since my course is very interdisciplinary and I have now found out what interests me more and what I am less interested in, I have chosen my courses in exactly the same way:

International Nationalism

Populism and Political Parties

Political Psychology and Intergroup Conflict

Culture and Media

Behavioral Economics: Psychology Meets Economics

Czech for Erasmus Students

So the focus for me is on political courses, with which I would like to specify my knowledge a little. Psychology has always appealed to me. Here I now have the opportunity to try this out. The culture and media course is also really interesting.

Is the course offered in a language I understand?

Actually, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of it. Because I almost chose a course in my mother tongue. The title was in English, but luckily I saw in time that the language of instruction is the one I got. So it’s better to take a closer look to see in which language the course will be offered at the end.

Partner universities

If you want to weave a degree abroad into your curriculum from the outset, it will help to take a look at the international partner universities. You have South Africa on your list, but the university only in China? Do you want to go to a Spanish-speaking country, but the university only takes you to Anglo-Saxons? The university’s global network could be a factor in setting the right course for an international career.

I hope I was able to help you find the right courses for your semester abroad with this post. If you want to have course application then you visit CatEight for details.

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