Sun Shades for Protection from Different Weather Conditions

Sun shades are meant to protect your households from the adverse impacts of the sun. When used good quality shades and installing those properly, you can help protect your exteriors and interiors from the harsh sun rays, rain, snow, etc. An aesthetically pleasing sunshade also serves a decorative purpose by giving your building a more refined and classy look.

Different types of sunshades

There are various sunshades available in the market. Flat sunshades are the structure that is connected to the wall directly and provide a roof-like coverage by protruding from the building exterior. Like the awnings, sun shades are also installed alongside the overhanging roof, over the window, and across the entire exterior. Any sunshade which slopes from the exterior portion is called a slope shade. Slope shades are usually made from fabric material.

These models of sunshades can block about 95% of the harmful rays from the sun effectively. Cosy materials like Coolaroo sunshades are made of the most durable and quality materials. The majority of these models are seen at cafes and restaurants with some external space for the customers who prefer outdoor dining. There are slope shades which are also called shade sails, as these can offer a semi-horizontal slanting. These models of shades are also so difficult to dismount and can be effectively installed in a place where you can leave it year-round. There are retractable model sunshades also available, which can be much more expensive than the normal ones.

There are hybrid sunshades also which are a combination of slope and flat shades. These shades are meant to offer protection in any alternating weather conditions. Besides the slope and flat shades, solar shades are being used in other styles too. Some of them are made for woven mesh or good quality canvas which can effectively block the sun’s rays from passing through windows.

Fabric or canvas materials are weighted on the bottom part of many sun shade models, which are also known as gravity-fed fabric, which can pull the fabric down between guy wires and the guide rails. However, the solar screens are ideally meant to be used for warm weather and not much use during winter or rainy weather. Like the sunshades and the awnings, it can also efficiently lower warmer temperatures and provide cooler interiors. It will help reduce electricity bills and cut down many such overheads.

Material choice

As mentioned above, sun shades are made of different materials. Besides the fabric, these can also be made of glass, concrete, polycarbonate, corrugated fibreglass, bronze, roofing sheet, Ferro cement, etc. In high-rise buildings, it is very common to install concrete shades at the balconies and windows etc.

Sun shades are ideal to have on the building structure for their functional purpose to block sun and rain and the aesthetic feel it can give to the same. You need to be mindful about the most matching sun shade choices while planning to install one on to your building by keeping the structural specialities and the sun’s impact and direction of sunshine etc., into mind.

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