Taking Care of Medical Debt: Handling HRRG When They Contact You

Medical debt is one of the biggest problems of millions of people today. Like any other debt, one can have medical debt when they can’t pay their medical bills on time. This can also refer to any amount or balance you owe from a healthcare service. For many people, having a medical debt is a shame and considered a personal failure.

According to a study in 2019, over 56% of the American population is experiencing medical debt. Thus, having a medical debt should not be considered a personal failure. However, this can be seen as a common affliction for most people. These unpaid medical bills can indeed cause serious financial hardships if not taken action.

Commonly, many things can happen when medical debt is ignored. The doctor’s office may try to contact and follow up with you. In most cases, if the efforts of the doctor’s office did not work, they may hire a debt collection agency or sell the debt to them. Companies like Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC specializes in medical debt collection. Here’s everything you need to know about Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group.

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group

The Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group is also known as the HRRG. They are a legitimate debt collection agency operating since 1996. If HRRG appears in your credit report or tries to contact you, they then believe that you have an outstanding balance to pay. It is also likely that the consumer has unpaid and past-due medical debts.

Healthcare companies are more flexible in dealing with past-due medical debts. However, collection agencies are most of the time not easy to handle. Thus, one should have enough knowledge about how to manage them properly. Don’t be worried if you’re contacted by this group. There are many ways on how to deal with HRRG, the right way.

Being contacted by collection agencies can be unfortunate. So, we list down things you can do to handle HRRG:

Don’t Deal by Phone

Debt collection agencies like HRRG prefer to contact consumers by phone. They will do everything to collect money from you. Most of the time, they prefer to communicate through the phone as it is easier to intimidate consumers. Thus, it is just enough reason for you to avoid dealing with them through the phone.

As part of their collection process, these collection agencies also record the conversation. Remember that any information they get from you can be used against you in the future. Everything you say in a recorded conversation can be used as proof of your debt. However, HRRG will give you options. You can request them not to call you and put an end to future calls.

Demand All Contacts to Be Handled in Writing

The best alternative to phone calls is through written correspondence. It is a way of communication between two parties through writing. One can demand all contacts be handled through writing. What are the advantages? Demanding this can eliminate harassing phone calls throughout your day. Furthermore, it limits the collection agency’s ability to threaten you.

Written communications can also let you maintain a file of everything from HRRG. These files can give an overview of what is completely going on. The following files can also be used for legal defense if needed.

Never Make Promises to HRRG

When dealing with debt collection agencies, you mustn’t make promises with them. Making a promise of you confirming the debt and paying it can be used against you. When you fail to pay as promised, HRRG can take legal action against you. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

You not doing what you have promised can be interpreted by these agencies as an attempt to deceive. This can apply whether it is done by call or writing. Furthermore, it is also crucial to remember that you should not give any of your personal information. Giving it means you are allowing the collection agencies to find every single way to collect the debt from you.

Know Your Rights

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA is a law that protects consumers. If the HRRG crosses the line, you don’t have to worry as long as you know your legal rights. If the debt collection company violates any of your rights under FDCPA, you can proceed to take legal action. FDCPA provides limits to what these collection agencies can do and what not.

Included under the law of FDCPA is that no calls must be done before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. They are also not allowed to communicate with your family members or your employers about the debts. Furthermore, if the debt is in the process of disputing, they are not allowed to contact you. Most significantly, they can not use profane language, threaten, and harass you in any way.


Having enough knowledge about how collection agencies work is very important. Being educated about them is a way for us to know how to handle things related to them. Furthermore, if the HRRG violated any of the rules we mentioned above, you must take initial actions to stop them. If you can’t handle it alone, you can ask a professional to help you with it.

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