TBC Classic Gold Farming Guide – How To Make Gold For Every Class In Classic TBC

Nowadays, Gold plays an important role since the release of the Burning Crusade Classic, due to the fact that a combination of gold sinks that literally delete gold from the economy and extremely expensive craftable gear for almost every class. Here, we are going over every class in the Classic TBC Burning Crusade and determine the best Classic TBC gold making methods for each class, so that you will be able to afford your flying amount or your pre raid bis gear.


Hunter is probably one of the better classes for gold farming, with a combination of their pet, traps, misdirection and feign death, they can keep pulling and pulling for a very long time and not suffer much downtime. The best thing you can do for hunters is farming primals in the outside world, depending on how contested the spot is. As for solo farms, Classic hunters had Dire Maul Tribute which required engineering and enchanting, in TBC they have a couple of new options. The first of which is steamvaults mining and chest runs, if you’re efficient at this you can reach the instance cap in less than an hour, which gives you time to hearth, stock up on food and water and put your stuff on the auction house and come back. If you don’t have either of those professions and don’t want to switch to them, you also have Black Morass skinning runs.


If you’re a rogue and you want to make WoW TBC gold, you have to get mining or herbalism or both, then start farming nodes and chests inside dungeons. Similar to the hunter the best dungeon to do that is steamvault, as well as mana tombs. Another option is Underbog where you can get some decent gold per hour, at the same time in Underbog is you can also get Sanguine Hibiscus which sells for some decent gold currently.


As a matter of fact, there are so many ways of farming TBC Classic Gold as a mage. Here we bring you the two best ways, first, you have Black Morass, for this, you need Skinning to make this worthwhile. All you need to do is to gather as many mobs as you can find and just slow, root and AoE them down with Blizzard and flame strike, then skin all of them. You will be rewarded upwards of 600 gold per hour doing this. Then the other method is simply doing the same but with mobs in the outside world, preferably mobs that drop motes, so some options for doing this is the Mana Wraiths in Netherstorm, the Fire Elementals in either Elemental Plateau or Throne of Kil’jaeden, or you could do the legion hold.


Druid is probably one of the best classes for gold farming in TBC. If you’re a druid and you want gold, you have to any combination of herbing, mining or engineering, preferably herbing in priority. The reason why rogue will always be superior on that front is that rogues can vanish and sap/stun enemies. Thanks to their instant flight form and their ability to loot herb nodes while flying can become incredible wow classic gold making machines. The best thing you do is get GatherMate, an addon that will remember the location of a node when you pick it up, you can even download databases for it that other players made and have all the nodes shown, then just choose a zone and start picking nodes twice faster than anyone else. Add to that engineering, with the mote extractor, and you’ll become a real wow classic gold making machine,

Shaman, Priest & Warrior

As for Shaman, priests and warriors, there isn’t anything special that either of them can do. Therefore, the only option is to default to farming primals, and you shouldn’t see this as a downside, primals are an extremely lucrative gold method, often outweighing the other methods that we mentioned in this WoW TBC Gold Farming Guide, but you’ll have a lot of competition though. The best farms to do in order is Elemental Plateau, Throne of Kil’jaeden, Netherstorm Mana Wraiths, Skettis elementals, Nagrand Void lords.

As a shaman, you obviously want to stay away from the resto spec, both elemental and enhancement are near equally good specs for farming, with a slight preference on enhancement since it basically has infinite mana so you have more sustainability.

As a warrior fury is probably the best, get improved cleave if you haven’t already and make sure to use Victory Rush as much as possible, that should give you a high sustain while allowing you to leave a lot of mobs at once.

For priests, it’s just your typical shadow spec, where you dot mobs and kill them one after the other. A priest was known for being the best farming class in general.


Warlocks similar to shamans, priests and warriors, warlocks don’t really have anything special farm they can do in TBC. The best spec to farm is SMDS, Shadow Mastery Demonic Sacrifice. Sacrificing a void walker and then just running around multi dotting a ton of mobs. You’ll basically turn into a mage by doing this in terms of AoE DPS. Unfortunately,  there aren’t any crazy solo dungeon farms that warlocks have access to.


Paladin is the king of gold making, a well geared and well prepared prot paladin can rake upwards of 400 TBC Gold per hour by farming solo dungeons. The best part about prot Paladin is there are many options on the farm, such as Strath Undead, Strath Live, Black Morass, SM, Scholo, and much more. The absolute minimum to start doing this efficiently is to have three things, a good aoe shield, Skullflame shield or Lichen Guard from Sporeggar work. Figurine of the Colossus from the last boss of Shattered Halls, and the Libram of Eternal Rest for consecration damage, this is the bare minimum you should have. Furthermore, the more defense and overall avoidance you have the bigger packs you’ll be able to pull. As well as, the better your gold per hour will become.

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