The 26M Series Benchmark

The 26M Series of Intel processors is a great chip that many people love Benchmark. However, you should be aware of some of its flaws before you decide to buy it. I’m going to give you the rundown on some of its features, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this is the CPU for you.

T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller, an actor and host of HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” emceed TechCrunch’s annual awards show. But his performance quickly went over the edge. When the crowd left, he destroyed the Crunchies’ pinata. He also made some very controversial comments onstage. This echoed a similar incident during the 2013 hackathon, which led TechCrunch to adopt an anti-harassment policy.

During the show, he also joked about Clinkle, a failed payments startup. And he insulted Travis Kalanick, the co-founder of Uber. At one point, he even got into a verbal joust with the Uber CEO’s date. After the event, Miller was publicly criticized by numerous outlets. His remarks were reported by Recode and Daily Dot.

TechCrunch immediately announced that it would not invite Miller back. AOL executive Ned Desmond issued an apology for the offending remarks. In a tweet, he said, “We did not mean to offend anyone.” However, in an interview, he implied that those who were offended did not get the joke.

Miller also made jokes about startups and techies. He referred to himself twice as a court jester. He also attacked delivery startup Shyp. And he praised Sherv. Some of his comments, which are now being retracted by the company, were racist.

TechCrunch has since apologized for the offensive remarks, and has even adopted an anti-harassment policy. Nonetheless, Miller has received a lot of criticism for his edgy and provocative performance.


The TechCrunch conference is a yearly must attend event for the startup brass. In addition to the aforementioned conference, there’s also the Crunchies. This is a tech oriented awards ceremony held at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. It’s like the Teen Choice Awards, only for startups. There are some notable awards including the Best Mobile App, the Best Technology Achievement and the Best VC backed Startup.

The awards ceremony also included some of the hottest startups on the block, including Airbyte, which announced today they had raised a $26 million Series A. In other news, Benchmark led the round. They’ve invested more than $31 million this year in companies like Airbyte, eponymous app, and Xero. During the presentation, Benchmark’s Ron Miller gave a slew of startups a thumbs up, including Airbyte, Xero, and Reddit. He also provided a brief overview of the state of the enterprise, highlighting the biggest trends.

A pinata

Pinata is a company that creates a scalable ecosystem that improves the tenant-landlord relationship. They do this by offering unique financial benefits to tenants, thereby reducing delinquency and increasing net operating income.

The pinata is actually a container filled with candy and can be found in a variety of cultures, from the Philippines to Mexico. Its uses are numerous, including as a party game and as part of a religious ceremony. In Europe, the idea of breaking a pinata was introduced as a religious ritual in the 14th century. In Latin America, it is an integral part of the Huitzilopochtli ceremony which is celebrated by the Aztecs on mid-December.

One of the coolest things about a pinata is that it is an interactive piece of art, that you get to play with and decorate. Another cool thing about a pinata is that it contains a surprisingly large number of surprises. For example, in the Mexican town of Acolman, they have a pinata with over 200,000 surprises to be unveiled at the end of the year.

There are a number of reasons to believe that a pinata will have a long and prosperous life. First, the plethora of games, toys and prizes it contains will make it a popular birthday or Christmas gift.

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