The Advantages of Using a Cat Fence Barrier

A Cat Fence is an attractive way to keep your kitty from going outdoors. They are designed with a steeply pitched wire that keeps the cat within the boundaries you have set. The first thought that comes to mind about these fences is that they are very restrictive and prevent you from having free movement of your cat in and out of the yard. But, are they really? Or, are they just a myth? Let’s find out!

There are some instances when a Cat Fence will work perfectly. When you have two small cats that like to play together and one of them has a tendency to get over excited or head for the grass, a barrier will keep them both inside. When the cat becomes disinterested, it can be coaxed back into line by playing a few “hide and seek” games. Sometimes, just a few treats will be enough to get it back in line.

Factors to consider before getting any fences to your premises

  • When the area you want to contain is too large for a Cat Fence, a sturdy partition, such as a wooden or plastic one, will work well. It will act like a giant brush that traps the cat outside but allows it to enter in only certain areas. This works great when there are children in the yard who tend to step or bump into things. It is also useful when a cat is left to his or her own devices, such as digging or wandering off.
  • As far as cost goes, it depends on how elaborate you make it. You can use inexpensive materials for a simple fence or use fine wood and use steel to make a fancier, more expensive fence. You can also opt for a magnetic barrier if you don’t want the strong woven wire. Magnetic Fences are also nice because they rarely become unattached to metal or other fencing.
  • Another consideration is the height. A taller barrier will allow more activity to be done outdoors. The cats are more likely to run up and down the fence, which should prevent them from jumping through. This is especially important if your animals tend to jump up and down fences in search of things. A taller barrier is also going to prevent unwanted visits from other pets.
  • When you decide on material for your fence, consider its effect on wildlife. If you live in an area with deer, owls, or other fowl, you might want to use a barrier composed of wood. Again, this might depend upon the animal that will be most affected by the fence. You should take into account any special weather conditions that your animals may experience. For example, in extremely cold or wetter climates, the barrier could be constructed of a thicker fabric.
  • You can also use barriers consisting of mesh instead of wood. Mesh is very durable and easy to clean. It can also be made to order, saving you considerable time and money.

A cat fence can give you the confidence that your pet will be safe. If your cat is often outdoors, it can eliminate many of the dangers that they may encounter. You will have the peace of mind that they are protected from other animals, as well as the stress of not knowing where they can go. You can also enjoy a more enriching life by allowing your cat to lead a happier and fuller lifestyle. Your pet will be happier because they will not have to be deterred by other animals when they want to explore and roam.

The uses of barrier to improve landscaping

The use of a barrier will also improve your property’s landscaping. It will separate the lawn from the garden, which is especially beneficial for those with larger pets. A well-maintained fence will also prevent your grass from being eaten away by other animals, which could be harmful to the plants. This will improve your landscape in general, without even having to do anything other than placing the barrier between the yard and your cat.

If you already own a cat and want to keep them contained, a barrier can be installed that will keep your feline friend contained, without harming them. Fences are great because they will keep cats – and other small animals – from wandering into your yard, as they will think that they are free to go and play in your yard. You will be able to enjoy your garden and yard, without having to constantly worry about wandering cats. It is much safer to use a barrier, over an open fence, when you have small children or pets visiting your home. If you are looking forward to getting a Cat Fence Barrier then you can check out websites like critterfence.com/cat-fence.

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