The different types of beer glasses

The different types of beer glasses

The history of beer can be read through the different types of glasses in which it is served. An overview of the most famous glasses.

Nonic Pint

Pint among pints, the Nonic is the most common in English bars. It is recognizable by its rounded top and its large size. The most common beer is drunk in this type of glass.

Tulip Pint

If you have visited an English pub, you must have come across this typical UK beer glass. And for good reason, it is the glass in which the famous Guinness is drunk.

Willy Becher Pint

Particularly high, the Willy Becher has a straight and recognizable cut. It is found in many bars around the world. Its shape also exists in other formats than the pint.

Shaker Pint

The Shake Pint is the most common in American bars. Its shaker shape gives it its name. Moreover, this glass is often used for mixes.

The Teku

Developed by Teo Musso and Lorenzo Dabove, the Teku glass has an unusual shape with curves and upward-widening. Very versatile, the craft beer teku glasscraft beer Teku glass is a perfect match to enjoy aromatics beer.


A classic among beer glasses, the mug is known internationally although it is more present in German breweries. This glass is characterized by its handle and its cells. It is not uncommon to find one-liter mugs during the Oktoberfest.

The Weizen

The Weizen is the beer glass par excellence for tasting the legendary Bavarian beer. Its elegant style with its short base and curved heart closes on the nose, allowing to enjoy all the aromas.

The Pilsner

High and elegant, the Pilsner glass is straight and does not have a stem to speak of. Its main advantage is its size and its long shape which allows to keep the bubbles as you drink. This is the reason why it is generally used for very small beers such as gueuzes or faros.

The Pokal

The straight lines of the Pokal and its flat base are used for tasting beer as well as wine or water. Its very large foot brings it closer to the flute. Of Czech origin, the Pokal is recommended for German or Belgian beers.

The Goblet

Coming from Belgium, the goblet is a beer glass with its own identity. Mounted on a stand, it forms a flared cup specially designed for Belgian beers with candy sugar. As the alcohol in these beers is particularly strong, it is recommended not to fill it to the brim. However, you will appreciate the foam formed thanks to its shape.

The Balloon

The Balloon beer glass is entirely inspired by the rum, wine world to be adapted to brewing. The aroma is particularly locked in thanks to the top of the glass. Its rounded silhouette offers an ideal format for beers to be served in small quantities, strong in alcohol.

The Tulip

Very popular, the Tulip glass offers elegance and ergonomics for a tasty tasting. The slope of the glass makes it possible to serve effervescent beers such as Duvel. Its chalice shape favors the formation of foam, essential to the taste of beer.

The Snifter

Of English origin, the Snifter is the preferred glass for strong beers because of its small size. The base is round and the top more closed. It is very close to the aesthetics of the Ballon glass. It never fills to the brim.


Particularly well known in the world of wine, the INAO is also used in the category of beer glasses, especially for tasting samples. That’s why it is mostly used at beer competitions and festivals.

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