The name of beauty and terror is Amazon.

The Amazon rainforest is a well-known name for adventure lovers. Many people also choose the Amazon forest for travel. So, Amazon Travel is in today’s travel discussion.

Amazon, the name creates a curiosity in our minds. And why not? Researchers continue to study the Amazon jungle day after day. That’s not the beginning, around the Amazon jungle, made in Hollywood, many big movies.

But what is there in this Amazon? Is there even a mystery that no scientist has yet been able to unravel?

So, you can go on holiday to the Amazon forest. It will be an adventure along with travel. It is like a complete package.

Today we will discuss some such unknown facts of the mysterious Amazon jungle.

Amazon jungle located in any country

This great Amazon is associated with several countries. The Amazon covers an area of ​​about 55,000,000 square kilometers.

The mysterious Amazon jungle locates in nine South American countries. Most of it is in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.

The beauty of the Amazon jungle

There is no other forest in the world like this. Where the word horrible also seems very common. This mysterious forest created about 55 million years ago.

Globally when tropical temperatures drop. And the expansion of the Atlantic Ocean has resulted in the emergence of warm, humid climates in the Amazon Basin, which resulted in creating the Amazon forest.

Amazon jungle biodiversity

As a habitat for a diversity of species, this rich forest has about 390 billion trees. These divide into about 16,000 species.

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Inhabitants of the Amazon jungle

Some tribes even have their language. Some people say that in the middle of the Amazon, people eat, people also live.

Although there are many arguments against them, many unknown ethnic groups are indeed living in this forest.

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