Many people take pavements and roadways for granted and never take the time to consider the quality of the materials used. Asphalt is the best pavement material that lasts longer and is environmentally friendly when adequately maintained. Asphalt surfaces provide high skid resistance and contrast on highways, giving motorists better road visibility during unfavorable weather conditions. Asphalt pavement is also smooth and quiet, reducing noise and driver distractions.

If you are wondering if asphalt is the right choice for your paving project, here is why it is.

A quick installation process

The materials used to create asphalt are readily available and can be transformed into an asphalt paving mixture very quickly. An experienced asphalt paving company can typically install an asphalt pavement quickly, unlike concrete pavements that can take weeks to dry before you can use them.

When it comes to asphalt, only the pavement surface preparation takes a little time, and once the asphalt is installed, driveway usage is allowed. Therefore if you want a fast pavement installation process, asphalt is the real deal.

It is durable

An asphalt pavement installed by an experienced asphalt paving company will last 20-25 years, depending on its use. The lifespan will even be longer if you practice preventative maintenance routinely. One unique thing about asphalt is that it is flexible enough to adapt to different weather changes and temperature fluctuations in the winter and summer.

It can withstand heavy use and requires minimal maintenance compared to other pavement types. After installation, you should contact the paving company for seal coating services to lengthen the lifespan of your asphalt pavement.

It is environmentally friendly.

Asphalt is one of the most recycled components globally because it is 100% recyclable. When the contractors scrape out the pavement, they can reuse it, saving many resources. That means they need less energy to create asphalt pavement materials.

Furthermore, other components such as old tires and shingles can be repurposed to make asphalt pavement materials. Recycled asphalt is also more robust, long-lasting, and resistant than virgin asphalt. It also reduces landfill space and conserves natural materials.

It is affordable

Asphalt pavement is typically more cost-effective to install than concrete pavement, and the labor costs are also much lower because asphalt pavement has a quick installation process. Additionally, the surface reduces the wear and tear on vehicles because it is smooth and can remain that way with proper maintenance. If you are looking to install pavement that is easy on your eyes and wallet, asphalt pavement is ideal.

It enhances your curb appeal.

Many of the roads and pavements you see in movies are made of asphalt, so you have an idea of how appealing it is. Asphalt produces a sleek and attractive pavement to improve your curb appeal. The smooth and seamless appearance are features that entice property owners to install asphalt pavement.

Perfect for noise reduction

If you want to reduce noise on your pavement, asphalt is suitable. Thanks to its open-graded and finely graded surfaces, the pavement absorbs the noise-reducing distractions on the road.

The bottom line

Asphalt pavement is better in driveability, appearance, environment, and budget when properly installed.

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