The Reasons Your Ecommerce Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile commerce can become as big as eCommerce. Therefore, having a mobile store from the shopping site is no longer a luxury but an unavoidable aspect.

While most companies have already started updating their sites into a complete mobile store, there is still a considerable gap.

Following are some statistics that may convince you to do so.

  • According to Statista, eCommerce purchases via mobile devices have seen a sharp increase since 2013. At the end of 2014, it was approximately 961 million. These numbers tremendously exceed 1 billion in 2018.
  • Approximately 60% of online purchases are through mobile devices.
  • According to Google, 80% of customers start their purchase on one device and end on the other.

These attractive statistics are enough to motivate e-merchants to upgrade their online stores from desktop to mobile platforms. If not, here are some of the reasons why a mobile app is a must.

1. Mobile apps offer the facility to push notifications-

With the help of mobile applications, store owners can provide an optimized and personalized user experience for their Android or iPhone users. By integrating your push notifications with various e-commerce extensions, you can offer location-based alerts or push notifications to your customers regarding various special offers.

2. The mobile experience can affect your brand

The latest research has shown that mobile brand experiences are critical to customer satisfaction. Speed, relevance, and personalized content are some of the factors that affect the overall user experience. In addition, people today have twice the interaction with brands on mobile devices than the other medium, such as desktop computers, television, and others. Therefore, the mobile application is one of the most intuitive means for e-marketers to build their brand equity. Each time a consumer has a good experience with your mobile device store, you raise the bar on your brand image. In addition, it even increases the expectation of consumers. Countering this expectation is easier with an app. Easy navigation, filters, and site search save time and effort. Hence, increase the brand recognition of the store.

3. Outperform competitors

The number of e-commerce websites is on the rise. However, not all sites are updating for the mobile platform. Therefore, store owners who have already tried their hands on the m-commerce scene have an indefinite advantage. The mobile applications not only drive companies but may even help you find a competitive advantage. With the ease of online transactions and personalized marketing strategies, you can effortlessly outperform your competitors who have yet to enter this field.

4. Owners can use the built-in features of mobile phones for their business use

Each mobile phone has various built-in functions like a location tracker, camera, microphone, and other components that can enhance the shopping experience of mobile users. If your application can make the best possible use of these features, it can be successful in grabbing maximum customer support for better sales and conversion rates.

5. Better connectivity with your customers

You can quickly achieve your business motive by keeping customers engaged with your site. When you design a mobile e-commerce application, you can stay connected with your customers.

Last Words

Customer engagement is one of the best ways to earn much-needed customer loyalty. This loyalty, in turn, is the critical factor in customer retention. Carrying the entire e-commerce store in customers’ pockets is one of the best ways to attract them.

Options like reward points, gift cards, and others are some of the features built to cultivate loyalty. Online shoppers are making more and more last-minute plans. Keeping up with customers’ expectations who want everything at their fingertips is almost impossible without a mobile app store.

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