The Rifle Scope: How do they Work?

Shooting things from a distance can be confusing and stressful. With concentration, breathing, and some rearward pressure, the target can be on point. However, some accessories that aid in achieving an easier hit on the targets are known as rifle scopes.

They are devices that consist of many lenses for better magnification. It also has a type of instrument known as a reticle. It acts as an indicator of where the bullet should hit. Scopes are available in different price ranges, sizes, styles, construction and even configurations. There are various opinions on which one is the best at magnification or reticle.

This article will provide a detailed idea of the working of a scope and how they can be used in a better way.

Important Parts

Some of the parts of the scope are the ocular and magnifying lenses, erectors and the objective. Inside the objective bell house, all these three things are placed within a scope tube, which holds them well together. The ocular lens is held inside an eyepiece. The objective lens is the first in order, and they are placed inside the tube away from the user.

They, in turn, transfer the light to the erector lens, which turns the image upside down and sends it to the magnifying lens. In turn, it magnifies the whole image to suit the user’s requirements. From here, the light is absorbed by the ocular lens, which is seen by the user.


The working of scope is interesting. At first, the light enters the objective lens and is directed to a point that will be within the scope. Here, the image will take an inverted position as it is absorbed by the captured lens. It is later transferred into the magnifying lens for proper orientation.

The magnifying lens moves towards the objective lens, which has more potential to increase the magnification. Later this is reverted to the ocular lens, which lowers it and focuses the light which is gathered by the opposite end of the rifle scope. The resulting image is then presented into the eyepiece.

One of the technical things in this is eye relief. It is the distance that is present between the eyepiece and the shooter’s eye. It is where the shooter can find the entire area of view. The eye relief can be made longer as well as shorter. For a shorter one, the scope would be more towards the stock position and close to the face of the shooter. The longer ones with longer focal points are used in scout rifles.

A Major Feature of a Rifle Scope

The rifle scopes are essentially fog and waterproof. It is primarily because of the various circumstances a shooter may be present in. Therefore, a waterproof nature is essential for achieving the target. To make the device waterproof, the gap between the housing and the lens would be sealed thoroughly.

It is usually made effective using the O-rings. They help in the prevention of moisture or dust particles inside the tube and the optics chamber. It alone wouldn’t forbid fogging or condensation, which also occurs where there is a sudden change in environmental temperatures. It can be prevented by removing all the air contained inside the tube and using combinations of argon and nitrogen in it. These gases would be perfect for overcoming condensation on the lenses as they contain no moisture in them.

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