The top four furniture pieces that are all the rage in the west! 

India is large with different cultural traditions, but historically, many of these cultures did not place a high value on furniture. Imports of wood furniture have been steadily increasing for the past two decades, and the trend is expected to continue.

Despite the Make in India initiative, nothing significant has emerged in the furniture manufacturing sector thus far, even though data from the previous year show that furniture imports increased by 2.5 percent during FY 17-18. With an increase in value of Rs 11.5 crore. 

The furniture sector in India is grossly underdeveloped because it is an unorganized sector that only focuses on hand-made furniture. However, the modernization of this sector with machines and technology has fostered the growth and furniture export from India because it has significant export potential. Domestic demand for furniture in India is rising, helping the organized sector.

History of furniture in India: 

People did not use a lot of furniture in the earlier days. However, during the early Indian cultures, many Indian households had furniture-making traditions. The classic example is the era of the 14th-century Vijayanagar Empire in Southern India. Even during this time, the furniture was ceremonial and limited to the royal thrones. Most people sat on the floor, except low chairs and cushions. 

Importance of exports from India:  

Export is significant in all modern economies, from advanced to developing to underdeveloped. Exports play a role in increasing output, creating new job opportunities, and influencing people’s living standards in various nations.  

India has made a name for itself in the history of wooden furniture. Historically, many temples, forts, and other structures were built, and woodwork was considered an art form and a trade item. Most of the woodwork carved during this period is only found in temples and other historically significant locations. Let’s start with an explanation of what antique furniture is.  

An antique piece of furniture is a valuable collectible item that has been around for a long time. Often, the age, rarity, condition, and other distinguishing characteristics of a piece of furniture make it a desirable collector’s item, thus classified as antique furniture. Due to its unique features and highly desirable appearance, Indian Antique Furniture has been in high demand since its inception. And it is due to these reasons that, to date, we can see the rising figure for furniture export from India.

But what are the driving components that have led to an increased figure! The answer lies in the beauty of carving and unique furniture designs that have evolved over the years in India. Let’s have a look at the four most popular Indian furniture pieces abroad

1. Ottoman: 

For those unfamiliar, an Indian ottoman is a type of small stool. The beauty of this stool is that it is made from beautiful and glooming traditional fabrics. Primarily, these fabrics are also decorated and embroidered by the craftsman. They can take any form, including an element for decoration or a tiny coffee table. The only thing that makes this furniture stand out is its vibrant colours, textures & prints. 

These Indian furniture pieces are no longer just an addition to the armchair; they also make ideal extra seating for small living rooms. They can be easily stacked in the corner of the room. Besides, they are suitable for chilling on a balcony with a nice hot beverage on a cold winter morning. Once you have these in your home, you will surely wipe out all the hard metal and wooden furniture. 

2. Divan

Amidst the trend of growing furniture export from India, many kinds of furniture have always been there. The divan is one such piece of furniture! It has barely faded from fashion to make a comeback. A divan is essentially any piece of furniture placed against a wall and is made up of a mattress that is either on the floor or a wooden frame. However, given its growing popularity, it can be considered making a comeback into the spotlight. 

Though they have evolved into many different names in modern times, the traditional Indian divan retains its value in almost every Indian home.

In foreign home setups, the Divans have been popular for multiple reasons. What the westerns call a couch is a Divan in the Indian context!

3. Muddas

Muddas are trendy woven bamboo stools in India. Wherever thay are placed, they can raise the aesthetics of that area. These are ideal for a balcony or any other common sitting area. They are as popular as woven baskets and khadi outfits. In the west, people love them because they are affordable, easy to maintain, and give simplicity to an area. These are some of the most prominent items in furniture export from India. They are available in a wide range of colors, giving customers a large selection to choose from. 

Both of these traditional furniture pieces look great in a boho or Indian-style home, but they don’t go with everything. Regardless, they are famous for providing a vintage look and utility for their design. 

4. Antique dressing tables

These Indian furniture pieces are less popular than the previous items. But, they are used as an accent piece nowadays, rather than for dressing purposes. The large dressing tables serve as consoles, while the smaller wall-hung ones add character to a plain wall. 

The wooden dressing cabinets with nothing more than a mirror and a shelf find a place in 21st-century homes. Though some prefer to keep them in their original condition with polished shiny faces, most prefer the distressed rustic look. The people abroad love these antique dressings for adding a vintage vibe to their space. These are highly in demand across the globe! 

These four types of furniture are the most sought-after pieces in western homes. Even in Indian homes, one can see their presence typical.  

To make the best out of these beautiful furniture pieces, we must provide them with the required boost. Although governments are pushing furniture handicrafts, we still have an excellent potential for furniture export from India.  

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