Things teachers can try doing during this pandemic

Covid-19 has been a significant setback blow to the world. Everyone thought the world was blooming; instead of in 2020, we got hit by a storm of coronavirus and got stuck into this more than we had imagined.  The global economy faced this turbulence and is still trying to repair the losses.

While mother nature felt at peace during the lockdown due to less crowd, no traffic jams, full stops to travelling plans and shutting down non-essential product operations, we all as human beings struggled through the process. The travel industry faced changes, and tourism is not even near questions, but we are concerned about being healthy and safe.

What also changes drastically is the educational system. While parents work from home, their children use virtual models for their studies. The extracurricular activities have paused, but the pros are that they can study at their pace and space.

With the education system changing and becoming more virtual, the life of Teachers also observed significant changes. Monitoring a class full of students has now changed to monitoring the screens and watching them through the internet.

While everything has its pros and cons, this education system also observes some on its account. But instead of focusing on the cons, if we focus on the pros, students and teachers can obviously turn this into a golden opportunity.

Let us have a tour of how a teacher can turn this thornlike situation into a smooth one like petals.

Learning a new language

Language is the bridge between any two institutions, people or companies, but also it could be an obstacle if one doesn’t know to address another language. A teacher has the responsibility to cross the barrier and also to help others learn the language.

A teacher could learn an additional language. Either the one used in India or either some other international one. It will enhance their language proficiency and could be a second income by teaching it.

Attempting a competitive exam

Competitive exams are like the ladder that could possibly help you get to another level. Many fields have competitive exams before hiring one for various positions. Similarly, teachers could also attempt the CTET (Central Teachers Eligibility Test). This exam could help acquire the job of a teacher in the government sector.

The Central Teachers Eligibility Test is comparatively challenging but also rewarding. A job in a central government or state government-controlled school might be dreamlike. The CTET Application Form can quickly be filled online at the comfort of being home.

The fees for the examinations are according to the papers you want to attempt. You may try either one paper among the two or keep the options broader by attempting both. The examination is considered a little bit tough, and it is always advisable to join an online tutorial. One may also solve the previous papers for practicing purposes. After the exam it is easy to cross-check the answers with the CTET Answer Key and know the approximate score, in case one needs to prepare for another attempt.

This will help the candidate to know more about the exam structure and prepare better.

Choosing alternate earning opportunity

Virtually many teachers get time saved which was earlier used for travelling or waiting in the staff room for their lecture. The time saved is easily wasted on watching movies or surfing through social media. The house chores acquire most of the time.

Instead of all this, this time could bring you an extra income. Now that everything is just across that computer screen, teachers can quickly start with their tutorials. If this is a big step for you, the teacher may join any Edtech or online learning company and teach their subject.

Not only will this add an additional income but also give more exposure and brush up the skills.

Upgrading the skills

For young teachers, it is easy to operate the computer or use technical gadgets. But for the seniors who are not well-versed, this can be a problematic situation or demanding thing. By visiting this site you can know about pompage bac à graisse paris.

Senior teachers can learn technology by enrolling in some virtual courses and upgrading their skills.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages of its own; even this pandemic has some. It is up to you how you choose to mould such a situation to your benefit and make it more fruitful.

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