Things you need to judge before installing a solar water heating system

Solar energy is the new hope for the world energy sources. Fossilized energy and oil forms are about to finish worldwide in the next fifty years. On the contrary, the energy requirements are going no down. We are going online and depending on machines more than ever. So, we needed to find a reliable source of energy and make sure that it is eco-friendly. Otherwise, it will not take long to take us down. Solar energy quickly took over the space of fossilized energy and now leads the energy market. At first, the scientists calculated the requirements and replaced the minor sectors that require more energy. Eventually, we plan to return to more fundamental sectors to engage with the solar energy sector. However, there are several factors to consider when installing the solar system.

About solar heating mechanism

A recent and trusted research shows that about eighty percent of the energy usage in the United States of America is replaceable by solar energy. Here, about eighteen percent of the total energy expenditure goes on the water heating system. So, the primary importance was to develop an efficient water heating system that can match up the need.

Usually, solar panels receive direct sunlight. There are motors to convert the light form of energy to electricity. This electricity further converts to various formats to heat water. For example, there is direct heating technology where we keep water in the tank and provide immediate heat. In another way, we can heat the water by hot air ventilation. Here we do not directly serve heat to water but the surrounding air. There are advanced mechanisms where we store the water in the underground tank at the average temperature. The water supply system or pipes have an insulation cover that heats the water while flowing through it. About five types of solar water heating mechanisms are available in the global market nowadays. Usually, there was only a flat solar panel available in the market. But, nowadays, there are PV panels available that take less space.

Advantage of using the solar water heater

There are a lot of advantages to using solar water heating systems. For example, solar energy is entirely eco-friendly. Using solar power does not only not pollute the environment. When we use solar energy, we reduce the pressure on fossils and other forms of energy generation. So, the carbon freeing rate decreases significantly. Other than that, solar power is highly cost-efficient. Solar water heaters prices in Kenya and other places are less than installing a bulb. The reason is that the source of energy is the sun. It is free and abundant. Anybody with simple technology can convert solar energy to current and electricity.

Disadvantages of solar water heating system

Like every other technology, there are some disadvantages of using solar water heating systems too. For example, solar panels take a lot of space to accommodate. If you do not have a large terrace, installing the solar water heating system is not feasible. Also, it requires direct sunlight. Houses that are not surfacing at all are not a pretty good candidate for solar heating systems. Nowadays, there are systems available to rotate your panels in the sun’s direction. But, that adds up to more cost. Complete heat production for a family requires about eight to ten hours of direct sunlight on the panels. Mostly the tropical regions get that much or more sunlight. But, in other areas, people can use solar energy only occasionally. So, it would help if you still had your older heating and ventilation system.

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