Three techniques to help sell houses quickly during this period

For real estate investors or those who want to sell real estate May have to do this during this period. Because since the outbreak of the viral-19 virus, It makes real estate not easy to sell. Because most people turn to be more careful with their spending. So if you think house for sale, Sell townhouses/townhomes, sell condos, or sell land, it is vital to know these techniques. That will help the real estate that you hold in hand is easier to sell.

1. Set the right price

Price is the main factor in real estate, whether it’s a house. Townhouses/townhomes, condos, or land can be sold out quickly. Therefore, setting the selling price is quite important. And was brought up as the first Setting the selling price must consider many factors, such as the appraisal price from the Treasury Department. Appraisal price from independent organizations or financial institutions, including the market price or the actual trading price on that location.

During this period, there are cautions. If you want to cut profits by setting a high selling price, it may not be appropriate. And may not be of interest with a stable economy. It is challenging to spend or buy something overpriced. Moreover, real estate prices in the market are not very high. to sell out

2. Post an advertisement for the sale of housing

There are many channels for those who want to sell real estate—both the type that requires money, and that does not require money. If the owner sells himself, he can take pictures of the house from different angles he wants to present. Along with preparing crucial basic information such as location and area size, the Nearby house utilities must be posted in various sources.

– Real estate trading websites: The advantage is that these Homes for sale conifer colorado websites are constantly providing information to attract people interested in buying and selling homes. The chances that customers will see the house or condo they want to sell is greater.

Facebook honest estate-related group: another very popular online channel, Can post to advertise homes for sale at the hills st maarten.

– Put a sign in front of the house and nearby:  The method above is considered an online method. But another offline method that should not be overlooked is to post banners. This can increase the opportunity for interested people, especially in their neighborhood. But be sure to make a sign with clear contact information on it.

3. Check the expenses that the seller is responsible for.

In real estate trading, There will be a cost that the buyer and seller must agree on who will pay what. If there is an agreement before selling, It will help smooth sales. And neater Most of the expenses are as follows.

– House transfer fee is 2% of the appraisal price of the land, including buildings. Typically, 1% is split between the buyer and the seller. Or, in the case that a seller is a natural person, didn’t lower the house price. But the seller offers to pay all the house transfer fees or other cases according to the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

– specific business tax Generally, it is the seller’s expense, representing 3.3% of the purchase price. However, the seller must occupy the house for not more than five years, but if occupying more than five years or whose name is on the house registration for more than one year, they will not have to pay specific business tax. But the seller has to pay the stamp duty instead.

– personal income tax If the seller is a natural person, The seller must pay this tax because they are a revenue earner. Personal income tax levies are either progressive or stepped. And the amount of tax is dependent on how it is obtained and the number of years in which it is held, for example, if it is acquired through purchase and long-held. Will have to pay a lot of home transfer tax Considered from the appraisal price of land and buildings of the Department of Lands.

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