Tips for living with spirits if you have one at home

Do you have a spirit at home? Is there no way it’s going away? Here are some tips! If you don’t know what you are supposed to do, this article is for you.

It is worth dealing with the issue of houses with cargo, or in other words, houses in which there are spirits, also called haunted houses, possessed, with a cat…. Does it sound like a fiction movie? Well, don’t forget that reality often exceeds the narratives of any Hollywood movie. Just ask around if anyone has ever had “strange” experiences at home, those unclassifiable and that give us bad vibes.

How do you know if there is a spirit in your house? The first thing you will notice is the feeling that you are not alone, you feel that there is something else in the house but you cannot identify it, depending on the type of energy that inhabits. There may be spirits that cause discomfort or quite the opposite, there may be different signals: the smell of flowers, a feeling of cold, a rotten smell, objects change places, constant yawning, discomfort during the day or when sleeping, noises without any apparent phenomenon that causes them, headaches…

But is there any way to know if that spirit is good or bad? I would not say so much if it is good or bad, rather if it is uncomfortable or not. There are spirits of all kinds: active, calm, hysterical, histrionic, peaceful, happy, aggressive, abusive, who like family, who do not like … as many types as in the case of people. The problem would be if that energy that inhabits us makes us feel uncomfortable.

Let’s imagine that this presence makes us feel uncomfortable, what options do we have? Basically three: leave that place, try to make that spirit go to another place and even help its evolution (adaptation/healing), or learn to live with it. And this, how is it done? Well, as with a roommate with whom there is no entente cordiale, agreeing and negotiating, there is no other: You must make a vaulted altar and have” a conversation “, based on that conversation (which should be directed by a professional medium), an attempt is made to solve the problem, sometimes there are tormented spirits in a place, who do not understand why they are in that place or situation and a conversation is enough. Others must take “more drastic” measures.

These measures would be, for example, the rituals to expel annoying entities or spirits: They are usually done in the most central place in the house or where there is more activity, that we pretend presence more. There a table is set with a white tablecloth, a mirror, a glass of water, a white candle and flowers. And then the ritual begins.

In the end, the presence of disturbing spirit in our home should not be ignored. No matter what steps we will take later (to overcome it), we need psychic advice.

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