Tips on how to take care of your Generator

Maximizing the full potential of a machine is the desire of any investor, all struggle to make the machine have a longer working life. Generators, just like other machines can when properly handled with routine maintenance and servicing can be in operation for a long period. Does this sound interesting?

Generators are electronic devices that help in the conversion of motive energy into electricity for use at home or businesses to operate electrical appliances. There are 3 types of generators;

  • Standby
  • Portable
  • Invertor

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5 Routine Practices for Shelf Life of a Generator

Purchasing a generator no matter the quality is one side of the coin, making the machine serve its purpose for quite a long period is another. Any machine when properly managed can work very well and serve its purpose quite fine.

Consider the following to enjoy investments from your generator;

  • Invest in a quality generator
  • Use a high-quality lubricant
  • Constantly top up the fuel
  • Give the machine periodic breaks during operation
  • Avoid power back feeding

Investing in a Quality Generator

Considering generators for sale in Kenya, quality always comes with a price. You don’t expect to purchase a high performing machine while spending too few resources to purchase it.

That aside, how can you ensure to purchase quality machines? This is quite simple, always do research and if possible window shop the machine before deciding to buy it, buy from trusted suppliers, buy a machine depending on your purpose for it, and always ensure the machine is inspected and tested before you purchase it. With the above consideration, you will purchase a quality one that will take a longer time and efficiently execute the intended purpose.

Tiger generator prices in Kenya should not make you think that a longer life generator is costly; it is your service and maintenance that make the machine efficient.

Use of a high-Quality Lubricant

How do you oil your machine? How frequently do you carry out lubrication and changing of the oil? Do you consider the quality of lubricants? Those are some essential questions that should linger on your mind when operating your generator.

Regardless of the number of times you change your oil, using low-quality oil will not work well for your appliance. Always use quality oil during your service time. Change the devices oil 20hours for the first use and every 100hours of its use thereafter. EGH Generator Sales can satisfy a wide range of your generator demands to assist you maintain an adequate supply of power.

Constantly Top up Fuel

Fuel is the energy that drives the machine, do not allow your machine to run dry of fuel, always top up the fuel to ensure that all the parts of the machine stop and start well. Running out of fuel may force certain parts of the machine to strain hence wear out faster making your machine die faster.

Machine too Requires Breaks during Operation

As you operate your machine, consider giving it some breaks, continuous working may make it wear out very quickly.

Avoid Power Backfeeding

Directly plugging the generator into electric sockets to feed the power to your house may be destructive. Always use switches to connect the device to your house appliances.


To conclude, it is proper to always maintain your generator to lengthen its operation duration. For more,

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