Tips on how to write an entertainment speech

There can be many occasions to deliver a speech: a business presentation, a thesis, a political campaign …

They are very different situations, which require different treatments. But they have one thing in common: the speech must be natural, and should not be read from a sheet of paper.

More so, you don’t have to read a speech from start to finish: this would lead you to withdraw into yourself and disconnect from your audience.

Why is it so important to write a speech?

Because writing helps to reason and fix concepts.

The crux of the matter lies precisely here: knowing how to write a speech is not so much a question of technique, but of intensity and clarity of thought. It is not a question of performing a mechanical action, but of giving life to a deeply personal expression.

The basis for writing an effective speech

To do a good job you must first collect and process all the necessary information.

Remember that to start on the right foot the most delicate and difficult thing is to define exactly the field of action.

It is a map that you can only get if you can accurately reconstruct what your audience’s greatest expectations are at this moment and the most pressing problems they would like to solve.

You have to cross these coordinates with your goals.

Writing a speech involves the strategic use of precise arguments, which allow you to find the right key to convince the recipient. And it means having the tools to understand what are the fundamental stages that are faced in writing a text.

There must be a strategy: if I am in front of an audience, I know where they are starting from, I want to communicate something, I define the steps to get to explain myself effectively and possibly convince my audience rather than giving them the idea of “oh! I don’t know what I am talking about because I employed someone to write my speech for me like an expert”.

Entertainment speeches

Entertainment speeches are informal speeches. Generally, the purpose of this kind of speech is to create a pleasant atmosphere and make the audience happy through your speech. Remember, “entertainment” does not necessarily refer to humor and comedy, but can also include other emotions. In short, entertaining speeches must impress the audience.

We can divide entertaining speeches into three parts: an interesting beginning, where the audience is introduced to the theme; the main body; and an unforgettable ending. You need to find the best way to organize your information. The purpose of your speech is to impress the audience and make everyone happy.

Tips for writing interesting and entertaining speeches

  1. Keep your speech short and friendly, and prepare content that is easy to understand;
  2. Consider your target audience and speaking environment, and then revise your manuscript according to the situation;
  3. Choose the right topic to make your audience’s experience enjoyable;
  4. You can add dialogue and metaphors to your speech; when preparing your speech, remember that your main purpose is to be enjoyable.
  5. Can use vivid descriptions to arouse the imagination of the audience;
  6. Introduce your personal experience and try to make everyone happy;
  7. Add some jokes or stories to make your speech full of vitality;
  8. Try to continuously change the plot of the story to exceed the audience’s expectations;
  9. Maintain interaction with the audience, such as asking questions and giving examples;
  10. Take control of the time and don’t talk too much, otherwise, you will make the audience feel that they cannot accept so much information;
  11. Enjoy your speech and let the audience do the same.

Instructions: how to write an interesting and entertaining speech

~ Consider the audience. Remember that different audiences will interact with you in different ways, and their reactions will be different. Therefore, you need to consider in advance what characteristics your audience has and choose topics that they will like. In addition, it is best to choose concise topics. 

~Be sure to add a highlight to attract attention in the preface. Highlights are important because the foreword can leave a good impression on everyone. After you give your opening remarks, they will know what kind of speaker you are. Use humor and tell interesting stories.

~Modify the speech according to the theme, your own personality, and the characteristics of the audience, and express important information in a humorous way. 

~Don’t digress, stick to your own point of view, and have at least one main point in your speech. 

~Using concise language, the most important thing is to let the audience understand what you mean, so you need to express your views in clear and concise language. 

~You can add some jokes and humorous stories, but modify the content appropriately to deepen your personality and give your speech uniquely. Choose the most effective way of expression to make everyone happy. 

~Avoid problems that are too heavy and don’t make the audience uncomfortable. The audience hopes you will give them a pleasant and enthusiastic speech. 

~Give examples of your opinions and use more visual aids. For example, videos and pictures related to the topic will make your speech easier to understand and more interesting. 

~Actively involve the audience in the discussion, and tell some interesting stories related to the topic, and give more examples of your speech. At the same time, try to maintain communication with the audience, ask more questions, and arouse their interest. 

~Choose a memorable ending and remember that your main goal is to be pleasant and express your thoughts at the same time. Remember, this is an interesting speech.

~Pay attention to master the time, do not exceed the standard time limit.

Remember, if you want to prepare an ideal speech, you must pay attention to key strategies. First, choose a suitable topic, content that suits the audience, and do not exceed the time limit during the preparation stage. Regarding the way of expression, we recommend that you treat the audience as Your family or friends, communicate with the audience like family.

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