Tips to prevent food poisoning

One of the most common diseases everyone usually faces is food poisoning. An unhygienic lifestyle and eating expired food items are the major causes of food poisoning. Although it’s curable, there are a few cases that might become too serious that you need to visit a doctor. To protect yourself from getting a food-borne sickness in any case, the following are some general rules you should follow.

Wash hands regularly

The prerequisite of avoid getting food poisoning is to wash your hands regularly with a cleanser before and after handling raw food items like vegetables, fish, eggs, and meat. Clean hands ensure good hygiene and prevent you from contracting any diseases. Make sure to clean hands as well after using the washroom, touching your dustbin or pet, or blowing your nose.

Keep your dishcloths washed

It is important to wash your tea towels and dishcloths routinely and use them after they are properly dried. Damp and dirty fabrics are the ideal spot for germs to spread. 

Wash worktops

It is essential to wash worktops before and after preparing food, especially after they’ve been in contact with raw meat, raw eggs, fish, and vegetables. To ensure food safety, it is important to use antibacterial sprays, however; hot or soapy water will also do the job.

Keep separate chopping boards

When preparing raw meat or fish, make sure to use a different chopping board for them. It should be your prime most rule to follow as it would aid you to prevent contaminating various ready-to-eat food items with harmful microbes and bacteria that are already present in raw food beforehand.

Prioritize use-by dates

Avoid eating the food after its expiry date regardless of whether it looks and scents well. It is important to do 먹튀검증 to ensure food safety that prevents us from various diseases. Use-by dates depend on scientific tests that display how rapidly harmful bacteria and other microbes can create in the packaged food.

Keep raw meat isolated

Always keep raw meat far away from the ready-to-eat food sources like bread, salad, fruits, and other groceries. Since these food products cannot be eaten raw (without cooking), any microorganisms that get onto these food sources through raw meat will be contaminated and cannot be destroyed as well.

Store raw meat on the bottom shelf

Raw meat gets contaminated easily and can contaminate other food items near to it. So, it is important to store it properly. The best way to store raw meat is at the base rack of the refrigerator where it can’t contact or dribble onto different food sources. This way, your other food items are safe and free from contamination. 

Cook food thoroughly

When cooking food, always ensure that the food is properly cooked. Pork, hotdogs, poultry, burgers, and kebabs should be cooked properly until steaming hot with no pink flesh left inside. Moreover, always avoid washing raw meat like turkey or chicken before cooking as this can spread microbes around your kitchen. 

Raw meat is mostly infected by campylobacter bacteria. To prevent it from spreading in your kitchen, the best advice is to freeze the raw meat; however, it doesn’t dispose of all of them. Therefore, the most secure approach to destroy all traces of campylobacter bacteria is by cooking chicken completely.

Keep your refrigerator at the right temperature

To prevent harmful microbes from developing and multiplying in your food, always keep the temperature of your refrigerator below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You can measure it using a thermometer to check the temperature of your fridge. Keep in mind that do not stuff your refrigerator. If it’s excessively full, then the airflow between the food items would be not properly distributed, which in turn can impact the overall temperature. Here at Wizard Slots, we always advise any players, no matter how well acquainted they are with the online casino world.

Cool leftovers ASAP

When you prepare your meal, you don’t need to eat it all at once. There are always some leftovers left that can be contaminated if not stored properly. So, it is important that that you cool your food items as soon as possible like within half an hour or hour, and store them inside a fridge. You can eat those leftovers from the refrigerator in a span of two days.

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