Top 5 countries to travel to

Which is the best country to travel to, answering the question is a terrible thing!

Many people like to travel to the top 5 countries for travel. However, it is essential to decide where and for how many days to travel before traveling.

Five countries include in the new list of the famous travel magazine ‘Lonely Planet.’  Germany has taken its place in the next area.

Let’s know about the best five countries to travel in.

Sri Lanka

As always, the list of Lonely Planets is full of Asian countries. Sri Lanka tops the list. In this tropical country, there are various Buddhist or Hindu temples with extraordinary natural beauty. Apart from this, multiple festivals continue throughout the year, attracting tourists from all over the world.


One of the most important countries in Europe, it is already world-famous for tourism. Germany, which topped the list of Lonely Planets, has numerous historical sites and museums. Not only that, but festivals like ‘Octoberfest’ in this country also attract tourists from all over the world.


Zimbabwe is the only country in Africa on the list. The third-ranked country is one of the safest destinations in Africa. Wildlife conservation parks, archeological ruins, the Victoria Falls – all combine to make Zimbabwe very attractive.


This small country in Central America, rich in biodiversity, has remarkable tropical forests, beautiful white sand beaches, and rich indigenous culture. That is why Panama is in fourth place on this list.


Since the World Nomad Games, the Central Asian country has been a significant tourist destination, known as the “Indigenous Olympics.” Kyrgyzstan has already become a tourist destination of choice due to its easy and fast visa process.

Walk around, keep your mind-set good. See, Allah Almighty has made the world with beautiful care. So travel without fear.

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