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Top 6 Android Apps for the Year 2020

The apps are usually ranked on the basis of their usage. And usually it takes something unique and extraordinary features to be on the top. So here are top 6 Android apps which are ranked for the year 2020.

  1. 1Weather – In the play store this app has been given 4.5 out of 5 starts. This free app is for weather forecast and it has many new features which attract the users and they find it helpful. It has live local radar which has more than 25 layers and it tracks any natural calamities accurately. It also provides 12 week extended forecast and also shows hour to hour forecast on innumerable weather stations. It also shows and updates the trends of latest weather news and also shows and tracks different phases of moon and sum. As of now there has been 50 million downloads and still counting.
  2. Google drive – This app allows storage and backup the files which can be accessed from any device and later it can also be edited. The Google accounts get 15 GB free storage and this app includes Google sheets, slides, photos, calendar and many more. It is very well designed and organized and is used by many of the users and has been helpful in lot of productive work.
  3. Google mps and Waze – As there has been advancement in technology these apps are used immensely. This app shows the navigation and tracks the signal from satellite and makes easy for people to commute from one place to another. It not only shows the route but also shows any petrol pump or restaurants which comes on the way if needed. It also shows the traffic and helps to choose the fastest route to reach to the destination. And it also provides direction via audio and not only by seeing the map.
  4. Google Assistant – This is one of the coolest app which allows users to enjoy entertainment, music, web browsing and many such activities by just saying “Hey Google”. It makes the work more convenient and easy and any person who is not good with the gadgets can use this app for doing their work. It also helps to text any message or make any calls which saves a lot of time.
  5. LastPass Password Manger – It is a free app which manages all the passwords and credentials and keeps them safe and secure. It can be used on any devices and also helps to create complicated passwords which cannot be hacked and is authenticated. It helps to save the usernames and passwords which will later on login the user automatically. Also the addresses and necessary information are saved and synched to devices chosen which makes the work easy.
  6. Microsoft Swiftkey – This app is basically customizable keyboards which adapts the habits of the users typing style and the usage of words and customize the keyboard accordingly. It has a feature of swiping the letters to form a word which depicts the motto of “type less and do more”. It provides the facility of auto correction and also can predict and display the word which we are looking for by just typing 2-3 letters of it. It also has one of the best emoji keyboards which again saves the gifs or the emojis which are used frequently. And last but not the least is that it allows to customize they keyboard in any font or color and provides a multilingual keyboard which allows up to 5 different languages for typing.
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