Top Bowlers in the World – Who Can Change the Mood of the Games

Nowadays cricket is the most popular game in the world. If you don’t know about the cricket world as well as top players you should follow our article. Here I mentioned some important players who are the top bowlers in the world. I think if you read this article, it will give you a fair idea about cricket players. I will try to pronounce who is the top bowler in the world.

Trent Boult

Trent Boult is a New Zealand seam bowler. In ICC ranking, he is the top bowler in ODI, Test, and T20 format. His first debut in cricket in 2011 with Australia by a test match. In this game, he has taken 4 wickets and debating the strong team Australia which builds an excellent record for the New Zealand team.

He is the top fastest and swing bowler in ICC ranking. Not only bowler Boult is a hard hitter batsman who can collect quickly runs. I think if you watch his outstanding game, your mind will be touched.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman 

Mujeeb Ur Rahman is one of the most super talented bowlers in the world. He is an Afghan cricketer, and his fame spread all over the world. In 2017 Mujeeb debut on his first One Day International and obtained a crucial wicket that won them a big win. Mujeeb is one of the most super brilliant bowlers in the world.

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is an Indian super-fast bowler who is one of the most favorite players in the world. He is known as the most significant bowler in death over. In 2016, Bumrah was selected for India’s national team and debut his 1st match after Australia by a T20 match. In this game, he took six wickets and snatched the win. Bumrah gained more popularity in India as well as other countries. He is an emergency player for the India team.

In this article here we see that Jasprit Bumrah is the best bowler who can change the game’s mood. Because he always plays well in death over. Bumrah’s bowling strike rate and economy are also best than another bowler in the world. So we can say that Jasprit Bumrah can change the mood of the game.

In conclusion

The top talented players are mentioned in this article. If you want to know who the top bowlers are, you should follow this article. If you watched their games, your mind would be touched.

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