Top Characteristics Of An Effective School Management Software

The education industry has been undergoing a metamorphosis in recent years. With blended learning set to be the future of education, educational institutes have realized the importance of having an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in place to effectively manage their institutes and thrive in the digital age. They have begun to implement school management software, a type of ERP, used by schools and colleges to centralize and simplify all aspects of managing their institutes.

With major players in the education ERP market, such as Ken42, it is worthwhile to know what to look for when choosing a school management software. Here are the top characteristics of effective school management software:

Admissions Management

Admissions season has always been a stressful time for both applicants and admissions teams. A school management software aids in setting up a seamless journey from application to enrollment for prospective students. It will automate the whole process, with online application forms and dashboards to view the applicant’s progress, identify and target high-value leads, send applicants reminders to complete their applications and pay their fees on time, and inform them of the application’s outcome.

Marketing Automation

One of the most beneficial aspects of using a school management system is that it enables the complete automation of your marketing operations. You can leverage your competencies across multiple digital channels to build a highly personalized journey for prospective students, by identifying target demographic groups and target them with customized emails and messages. You can use highly accurate analytics reports to form your marketing strategy and nurture leads effectively, increasing lead conversion rates, thereby improving the efficiency of your marketing operations.

Learning Management

Good management software should have the capability to organize the academic calendar, create class timetables and set up virtual classrooms. You can create extensive learning content in the form of class notes, homework, projects and assess students with tests and exams. Your system can create mark sheets and assign ranks to the student. It should also enable the management of all e-learning resources. This software feature allows for smooth integration with other third-party applications, irrespective of the operating system.

Student Management

With effective student management software, you should be able to view a complete profile of your students. You should be able to access their family information, health records and emergency contact details, academic records including their attendance, grades, participation in extracurricular activities, commendations and achievements, and overall academic progression. This information can be viewed using detailed reports that can aid teachers in helping students improve and excel in their learning journey.

Faculty Management

You should also be able to gain a 360 degree rundown of your faculty. This should include faculty credentials, salary, their attendance record, and reviews from students and other faculty members.

Customized Communications

School management software allows for highly customized communications between prospective or current students and the institution’s administration. You can send out notifications regarding exams and other important events, reminders regarding fee payment, marketing messages, assessment notifications, etc. Your communications capabilities should include a comprehensive support system that can handle queries, feedback and follow up on them promptly.

Examination Management and Live Proctoring

With online exams becoming increasingly popular, you should make sure that your management system has a secure testing feature in place. This should be able to create and conduct timed assessments in a variety of question formats, including image, audio, and video and have a support feature for mathematical questions. Ken42 has an advanced AI-based proctoring feature that aids in preserving academic integrity when conducting online exams.

Financial Management

A crucial feature that must be present in any school management software is a streamlined system to perform all finance-related functions. This includes payroll management, budgeting, managing the institute’s assets, processing payments, creating financial reports, etc.Read more about tamilmv

Transportation Module

To cover all aspects of the student’s journey, it is useful to look for software that also helps in transportation management. This includes advanced RFID-based technology to track the institute’s buses and other vehicles, route planning and live alerts for parents and the school regarding traffic delays.More info click here f95zone

Government Compliance

With major changes in education policy, it is necessary to have an application in place that will create reports required for official accreditation by NIRF NAAC. A school management system will aid in making sure that government regulations such as reservation quotas and infrastructure maintenance are being complied with.

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