Top Features Homebuyers Are Looking For In 2021

We have done a homebuyer survey that has revealed some interesting results especially on the buyers preferences. The first is that location and space are a top priority for today’s buyers. If you’re selling your home, this means that it’s important to work with a realtor like CA Flat Fee that can really highlight these features in your house to help you get the best price possible. The main reason people want to buy houses this year is the need for a better location and more room. This is according to respondents. They also want to build their own homes, stop renting and start families.

These details can help inform you of future investments if you’re a home flipper. Pick your location very carefully, make your properties family and kid friendly and create more space. However, mind and plan your amenities carefully to avoid incurring huge losses. We questioned several probable buyers on what features are a must have for them to consider buying a house. This is what 2021 buyers said they prefer:

Hardwood Floors

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Hardwood floors have replaced carpets and become the gold standard in real estate. First, they are easy to clean, look incredible and they stand up well to messy dogs and playful toddlers. The point is that they are family-friendly.

Air Conditioning

It’s clear that homeowners love their homes as comfortable as possible. Air conditioning has been ranked top in terms of home features. Almost 42% say air conditioning is at the top three of their must-haves. What about the other 47%? They say they would never buy a house if it has no A/C. Basically, it’s most important during warmer climates but almost everyone would rather have one than not have it.

Improve Your Deck

This is another area homebuyers are keen on. It is a good idea to ensure that your deck is in its optimal condition. If not, you can get experts like Paragonremodeling to fix it for you. 

An Eat-In Kitchen

Formal dining rooms have been wiped out. Buyers would rather have huge kitchens with in-built islands, bars and nooks. These are perfect for homes with kids. They offer a place to eat, cook, do homework and entertainment at the same time. Family members can hang out here.

A Garage

Rentals don’t usually offer parking spots. This could be one of the reasons why people are running out of the rent race and buying homes. Buyers want a spacious garage to store their holiday decorations, childhood toys, set up a workbench and more importantly, park their vehicles.

A Family Room

This is one of those family-friendly features we have been mentioning. Almost a sixth of all respondents put a family room as one of their top desired amenities. 

A Fenced Yard

Most people coming from squeezed rentals want a nice and spacious yard sign to enjoy their outdoor days. This is no surprise. The fenced part comes in handy when they plan to have children or bring pets along in their home owning journey.

Windows And Light

It is not ideal to move from a very dark, blank basement to having too much light. But honestly, who doesn’t want lots of light and plenty of attractive views? It’s an added bonus if they come with quality wood blinds and window treatments. In addition, it reduces costs that could have been spent paying more electricity used to provide lighting during the day.

A Basement

Basements take us back to the need for more space. A basement automatically provides homeowners with more room. It can be used for storage, working out and even entertainment. However, remember that it is not possible to add a basement where there isn’t one or at least not cheaply.

Open Floor Plans

The reason for moving into a first home is to upgrade from the last living arrangements. It is obvious that homebuyers are looking for more living space. That is basically the whole idea for moving. Apart from modernized bathrooms and kitchens, first-time buyers have expressed their desire for open floor plans. 59% of buyers doing it for the first time were expected to give priority to less-confined homes and those that promote functionality. Those selling should pay attention to their current floor plans and determine whether it would be worth knocking down a wall or two before putting the property up for sale, or not.

The best renovations are known to improve the value of the property and also its appeal to the buyers. In addition, it is very possible for attractive floors to create more demand. The more you give your property exposure, the more likely it will offer more money and sell quickly than normal. You should also think of removing any walls that separate the living room from the kitchen. Apart from that, people from other generations have come to like the open floor kitchen idea for it allows conversation to flow properly in the house.


There are various things homebuyers are looking for in 2021, and this article has pointed out some of the most important. Use them to improve your home value.

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