Top Five Courses in Kent State University

Kent State University provides a strong foundation to students through effective teaching and learning opportunities. The university contributes toward the personal growth of its students. As an elite university recognized by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education and operating across eight campuses, Kent State University serves undergraduate and graduate students.

Kent State University has professional programs in Business, Education, and Fashion Design for aspiring students. Some highly sought-after programs offered by Kent State University include the following:

Master of Fashion Industry Studies

The master’s program in Fashion Industry Studies is an interdisciplinary program spanning several academic subjects. It equips students with relevant learning experiences focusing on the fashion industry. Students use cross-disciplinary research to deal with complex issues and provide solutions in the fashion industry.

Kent State University has a simple set of requirements for entry into the fashion studies program, requiring only a Grade Point Average above 3.3 and a supporting portfolio of accomplishments. Other requirements include letters of recommendation and a TOEFL score above 587.

Students who graduate from the fashion studies program can demonstrate the capabilities of critical analysis in the fashion industry and apply their cross-disciplinary research. They can synthesize information and provide research-based innovative solutions for the fashion industry.

Management and Information Systems Programs

Multi-disciplinary programs offered at the Management and Information Systems (MIS) department cover the subjects of human resources, information systems, and business management domains. The MIS department offers undergraduate programs in the computer information systems and business management domains. Besides, it attracts several doctorate students in programs relating to human resources management and information systems.

Different programs offered by the Kent State University in the Management and Information Systems domains teach different skills relevant to business environments such as functioning as a manager, operating different computer information systems, working with a diverse range of subjects including entrepreneurship, economics, marketing, and finance in the general business curriculum, and understanding policies, and techniques in the human resources management program.

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering

A Bachelor’s program in aeronautical and aerospace engineering prepares students for different careers relating to installation, testing, design, sales, manufacturing, and maintenance of aeronautical and aerospace systems. Students are exposed to novel concepts such as propulsion, applied design, aerodynamics, and electronics. The programs offered by Kent State University in this domain are accredited by international authorities. Aeronautics and aerospace engineering programs equip students with skills and expertise required for designing systems, conducting measurements and tests, applying skills in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering, and functioning as effective team leaders.

Biological Sciences Courses

Biological sciences courses offered by Kent State University emphasize learning about the human body, with several topics focusing on genetics, reproduction, energy, disease, nutrition, physical fitness, and disease development. The basic biological sciences course is an essential link towards fulfilling the requirements in several other courses including environmental biology, botany, biotechnology, zoology, and medical technology.

Several other courses related to biological sciences are offered by Kent State University including Laboratory Experience in BIology, Biological Diversity, Anatomy for veterinary technicians, and other foundational and specialized topics in biology, physiology, and anatomy. Other areas of focus include microbiology, ecology, neuroscience, genetics, plant physiology, and many more niche areas.

Architectural Studies Programs

Educating students on architectural design and representation is an essential learning program at Kent State University. Students learn design representation, understand methods, processes, theories, and representations, and examine contemporary methods in architectural design.

The diverse range of programs offered by Kent State University enables students to explore theories and practical applications of subject matter in a domain of their choice. State-of-the-art infrastructure and teaching aids, professional educational experts, and rich experience in serving students for decades give Kent State university an edge over similar players in the domain of their choice.

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