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Top Qualities of a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a crowded industry, which is why being unique and customer focused is extremely important. There are a variety of different qualities that make a great digital marketing, web design and SEO agency. This article helps to debunk some common myths and explains what makes some companies excel as experts in the field.

Firstly, great web design and SEO agencies place emphasis on the customer. They keep them involved at every stage of a project – whether it’s a few months into the SEO campaign or after the web design concept has been created to get approval from the client. Placing emphasis on the customer is what makes businesses like Amazon great – they always try to focus on better user experience and make things easier for the consumer. Think about how easy it is to order from Amazon nowadays – before we’d have to wait weeks for the post!

Digital agencies must also have a good portfolio to showcase to clients. It can be tough for customers to really understand the quality of a web design agency if they have never seen a single project. Good agencies will have ‘quality control’ mechanisms in place to ensure that every website is delivered professionally, however some other companies opt for the ‘churn and burn’ strategy, where quality is jeopardised for quantity. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing an agency which focuses on weekly turnaround which comprises quality.

Top web design and digital marketing agencies, like EJM Web Design will also be creative, any many often have dedicated teams who work on the mock ups and concept designs. Most agencies with a creative flare will use slick animations to bring a unique motion to the website, while others will use fancy navigation menus and 3D images to bring the site to life.

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With the 21st century bring a new era of website design and a focus on UX design, now more than ever, creativity is quintessential for a top UK digital marketing agency. Often companies offering web design will use intuitive design concepts to stand out from competitors and capitalise on the high demand for digital services as a result of the covid pandemic.

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Good agencies also need to be astute to problem solving – sometimes things can go wrong for clients, and they will often need urgent support to quickly resolve critical issues. For example, the client’s hosting server may temporarily go down or there may be an error with a code snippet on the site (e.g. HTML). In such cases, having a trained team of experts to deploy and solve the problem is handy. After all, we all need some help from time to time!

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Analytics tools are also a must for digital marketing and web design agencies. Platforms like HubSpot, Google Analytics and Yoast SEO are extremely useful for agencies and can provide a unique insight into customer web traffic. This data can then further be used by the agency to optimise the site and help reduce the website bounce rate, enabling companies to land more conversions. Most companies will take out a bulk license or subscription to sites like Ahrefs, so that SEO can be monitored on a regular basis. Keyword research is also important when embarking on a project as it enables the agency to optimise the site specifically for words in the niche (e.g. ‘website design UK’). Agency in Singapore is one of the most popular digital marketing site.

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