Top Reasons to Opt for a Degree in Liberal Studies

Starting a new career journey is exciting. However, choosing the right degree program seems to be the most daunting task. After all, you don’t want to gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of your interest. Instead, you also wish to grow personally and professionally.

Do you wish to pursue a degree in one of the oldest and traditional programs worldwide? If yes, then liberal studies are what you might be looking for in your career. The liberal study is a multi-disciplinary program that comprises various programs, including literature, mathematics, philosophy, humanities, history, and natural sciences. You might wonder what the word liberal in liberal studies refers to, right? Simply put, it means the liberal education is for every freeman or self-governing person.

While many students compare STEM and liberal studies when choosing their career path, they might believe liberal studies aren’t relevant in this modern age. However, the truth is far away from this statement. Choosing to pursue a degree in liberal studies can prepare you for leadership roles in today’s highly challenging industry. Is your mind still in a conflict about whether or not to go for liberal studies? No need to worry. Following are some primary reasons that can compel you to pursue liberal studies and make your future bright:

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1. Offers Various Career Opportunities

The best part of pursuing a career in liberal studies is choosing what to study based on your interests. Since the field offers its students endless career choices, you can opt for the majors that interest you the most. However, do you wish to obtain a solid and well-rounded educational foundation while managing your work and family commitments? In that case, enroll yourself in liberal studies online degree program that helps you become a thought leader and excel in various careers. The degree offers you individualized academic coursework and equips you with essential skills to solve different challenges at the workplace.

Some typical career choices include business administration, criminology, policy analyst, communication, healthcare, marketing, and much more. You can even personalize your course program to align them with your education and career objectives. In this manner, you can explore your talent and different coursework.

2. Teaches You Soft Skills

Nowadays, most employers hire employees with technical knowledge and various sought-after skills in their organizations. However, since the job market in these challenging times is difficult, earning technical industry knowledge isn’t sufficient. Therefore, obtaining a degree in liberal studies can help you hone different essential skills and give you a competitive edge over your peers. As a liberal studies student, you will learn verbal and written communication and practice communicating your ideas and thoughts effectively. Furthermore, since the field offers students open-ended learning, you will solve your curiosity with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Moreover, the program will also help you build creative and adaptability skills. No matter which career path you choose for your job, these essential skills can significantly help you advance in your career.

3. Excellent Job Outlook

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you start considering which career to pursue? Probably, the job outlook of the field in which you earned your degree. After all, what good is your degree if you can’t land high-earning potential employment? However, with a degree in liberal studies, you don’t have to worry about a job. Since this field of study offers various career choices to students, they can find employment in different professions. Although the work setting may differ based on the profession, some typical work environments include non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutes, banking, etc.

4. Help to Keep an Open Mind

The best part of obtaining an education in liberal studies is learning to keep your mind open. You will learn new and different topics in your coursework to help you gain well-rounded skills and change your worldview. You will look at things from different perspectives and help resolve problems with tangible solutions. Since liberal studies emphasize a holistic approach, your mind will start looking at things with multiple lenses. The degree also enables you to learn, understand, and assess arguments differently. Generally, the overall education in liberal studies focuses on how to think instead of what to think. Due to your open-mindedness, you can positively impact people’s lives.

5. Allows Career Switch in STEM Fields

Another benefit of studying liberal studies is it is a stepping-stone to STEM fields. You might have chosen a major in liberal studies to pursue your education. However, down the road, you realized you have no interest in your taken area of the field. If you are experiencing such a thing, you need not worry. You can change your profession if you feel like the chosen one isn’t the best fit for you. So even if you have earned your undergraduate degree in liberal studies, you can have a career shift and step your foot in STEM fields. Many STEM areas of study don’t require you to have a bachelor’s degree, including data analytics, cybersecurity, nursing, information technology, mathematics, etc.

Final Words

There is no denying that pursuing a degree in liberal studies is worth your time, money, and efforts. The degree prepares you with well-rounded education and skillsets. Moreover, it is no secret that professionals who can bring new and innovative ideas to the table and possess critical thinking skills will be the world’s future. Thus, getting an education in this field of study can broaden your horizon and prepare you to become a future leader.

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