Top Reasons to Use Hand Sanitiser

The workplace can be a haven for germs and bacteria. While people spend more time at the office than they do anywhere else, it is also where we are most likely to come into contact with illness-carrying agents like colds or even swine flu! Luckily there are ways of combating these illnesses on some level; if you’re sick but know that your workday will involve interacting with others in person, sanitise your hands as frequently as possible before you go out to avoid spreading whatever bug may have taken hold in your body.

Hand sanitiser is used to reduce the amount of bacteria on your hands. It can be especially helpful in preventing illness from spreading if you happen to touch a surface that someone else has touched and there is a possibility that they may have been sick. The benefits of using hand sanitiser are undeniable. It has been scientifically proven to help prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.

The benefits of using hand sanitiser are undeniable. It has been scientifically proven to help prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.

1. Hand Sanitisers Kill Germs

Soap and water is not the only way to get rid of germs. Hand sanitiser kills 99% of all bacteria within 15 seconds, which gives you less time for people around you to catch your cold or flu! This not only helps with your own health but also helps protect those around you from getting sick as well.

2. Prevents Illness

Germs and viruses are always a risk, but they can be minimised when we use hand sanitiser after touching surfaces.

Did you know that hand sanitiser is the key to preventing illness? Hand-sanitising products prevent germs and viruses from spreading throughout the community. For example, they can stop colds or flu from spreading by cleaning your hands after touching surfaces like door handles.

3. Portable and easy to apply

 When we get sick from touching something like a door knob or toy in public places, it’s called “catching” an illness. The same thing happens when we touch our own skin with dirty hands. This means that by not washing our hands after using the restroom and before eating food, we’re putting ourselves at risk for catching illnesses and getting very ill over time. 

With the increasing risk of diseases from touching surfaces, it is important to keep your hands clean. Germs and viruses can be found all around us in our daily lives- on door handles, tables at restaurants or even public transportation systems like buses and trains. With hand sanitisers being very easy to carry with you anywhere they are a great way for keeping them close by when their use arises!

Conclusion Paragraph

Did you know that hand sanitisers are also a great way to keep your hands clean? Hand sanitisers can be used in many different environments such as schools, hospitals and food services. These products offer an effective alternative for those who don’t have access to soap and water or may not want to use it due to skin allergies. They come in various forms including gels, wipes, aerosols and more so there is sure something available for everyone! If you need help finding the right product for your environment please contact us at Sydney Solvents where we will be happy to assist with any questions you might have about these amazing products.

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