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Top Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs – Part 2

We have discussed in “Part 1” of this article about the top traditional Maharashtrian jewelry designs. In Part 1 we have covered Peshwai Nath, mundavalya, thushi, Kolhapuri saaj, vaaki, putli haar, ambada, kudya, tode, and chooda. There are various other beautiful traditional gold jewellery designs of Maharashtra which have unique names, styles and hold a very special place among Maharashtrian ladies.

Check the list of some more traditional gold jewellery of Maharashtra.

  1. Belpan: It is a gold-plated necklace set worn by many Marathi ladies. In rural areas of Maharashtra, many married women love to wear this beautiful piece of Maharashtrian jewellery every day. This gold necklace set is carved with the design of Bel leaves which has a religious meaning as bel leaves are offered to Lord Shiva as a tribute.
  2. Mohan Mala: It is the most rich-looking necklace chained beautifully in gold beads in one, two, or three layers. With its simple and classic design, it gives a sophisticated and stunning look to all Marathi women.
  3. Tanmani: This traditional Maharashtrian piece of jewellery is a layered pearl choker-style necklace. It has a beautiful gold pendant set embedded with stones, attached to the strings woven with pearls, and decorated with beautiful Jeri work on it.
  4. Jodvi: It is the name given to the pair of silver toe rings worn by married women in Maharashtra. It is a gift given to the bride by her mother-in-law that symbolizes her welcome in the new house. It is a very important piece of jewellery that is essential for every married woman to wear.
  5. Gold Mangalsutra: A Maharashtrian gold mangalsutra is named “vatimani mangalsutra”. It is a must-essential piece of jewellery worn by every Marathi bride during her marriage. It is a sacred thread made of a gold string of black and gold beads attached with a pendant made of two bowl-shaped vatis. The beads are called “Maniwati Beads” and are very light in weight and small in size.
  6. Bugadi: These are the traditional style of earrings worn over the top rim of the ears. Marathi women considered it as their essential piece of jewellery and attach them to the ears if the ears are not pierced over the top rim. They are made of gold, pearls, gemstones, and diamonds.
  7. Chandan Haar: It is a very popular gold necklace set made entirely of gold. It is a very heavy piece of jewellery and is mostly worn by the Marathi woman on her wedding day.
  8. Surya Haar: As the name says, it is a gold choker necklace designed in the shape of the Sun’s rays. The pointed motifs resemble the rays of the Sun and are worn by the Maharashtrian women on special occasions as it is believed that it brings positivity and happiness in their lives.
  9. Dholki: It is also a necklace set made of rounded pearls and a gemstone at the center. It is short in length and can be worn with other necklace sets.
  10. Challa: It is beautiful waist chain made of gold-platted copper or oxidized silver. Marathi women love to wear it on every special occasions.
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