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Top ways in which natural perfumes can help your smell and your health!

When it comes to wearing perfumes, there are some people that think that the only perfumes worth owning are synthetic perfumes that use strong chemicals is the only way to go.

However, there is little doubt that if you are interested in regularly using perfumes, then natural perfumes come with some fantastic benefits.

Whether you are thinking about owning some kind of smaller brand, or an international brand such as Comme des Garcons perfumes, here are three of the more important ways that natural perfumes can help your smell and your health.

They bring natural healing

One of the most important ways that natural perfumes can help you is through the way in which they provide physical and emotional healing. Think about it, what are used in the vast majority of natural perfumes? Essential oils. These same essential oils are used during massages, meditation, yoga practice and more. They are known to offer people the ability to calm down, get energized, feel more relaxed and improve your mood. For all these reasons, natural perfumes can be considered a major health boost to you!

They contain no potentially harmful chemicals

While natural perfumes are made from naturally occurring scents in the world, synthetic perfumes are made from chemicals and other ingredients that can cause major health issues for some people. They are grown with chemicals, pesticides and toxins that can be harmful for your skin and lungs and can also cause issues for some people that lead to nausea and migraines. Finally, synthetic perfume can be harmful to the environment around you as well.

You can create more complex smells by mixing natural perfumes

While non-natural perfumes can end up smelling awful if they are mixed with one another, natural perfumes can almost always be mixed to create new and exciting smells.  This helps you develop a much more complex sense of smell rather than simply being inundated with the same, synthetic smells over and over again. This can – in time- actually help your brain develop a more complex understanding of smell in the natural world. It can be quite exciting!

They create unique smells depending on who is wearing them

One thing that is pretty incredible is that unlike synthetic perfumes, which simply mask a person’s natural scent, natural perfumes actually blend with the natural smells and oils that exist on a person’s skin. What this means is that natural perfumes made from essential oils and other natural ingredients will create an individual and more personal scent for the wearer. I


As you can see, there are a plethora of different reasons why natural perfumes benefit the wearer in terms of health, scent and more. So, the next time you are thinking about getting a new kind of perfume, you would be wise to think about getting some natural perfumes to help you stay healthy, protect the earth and create a unique smell that only you can wear!

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