Treenetics – the First carbon-neutral+ cryptocurrencies

The goal of Treenetics is to transition the crypto-space into an eco-friendly and future-proof environment. Treenetics is the world’s first carbon-negative cryptocurrency. Every transaction is carbon-negative by around 300 times. If you want to know more about the advantages of Treenetics, here are some key points:

  • Carbon-neutral+ defines that every transaction should not harm our environment. It removes around 3.7 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere of the earth. They partnered up with The Arbor Day Foundation in order to plant trees.
  • Treenetics will also donate to other environmental protection organisations/activities in the future.
  • Treenetics´s team has the vision about transitioning our modern world and society into a carbon-neutral future – and doing so without any compromise.
  • The main LP on Pancakeswap is locked for 5 years for maximum safety

Treenetics Concept

Planting trees is a good and sustainable way to make our environment healthier. Trees are the natural blessing to extract carbon dioxide from the air. A tree can naturally purify the air and also cool down its surrounding. Our ecosystem depends on trees. They provide the cure for different illnesses and act as a natural filter. Therefore, planting trees is an important thing. Everybody lives on the same earth, and that is why you should take care of our green planet. If you are planting a tree, then you are contributing to making our environment sustainable. Planting trees is one of the most important responsibilities of Treenetics. Sometimes people cut down trees without any proper reason. If you cut down a tree, then you should plant another one to fill the gap. However, if you plant more trees, then it will help to reduce our carbon footprint.

How can this be achieved – without any compromise?

The funding comes from a 10 % trade fee for every transaction. This fee is hard-coded to a maximum of 10%. The fee will be reduced in the future. Treenetics unique tokenomics makes it possible the become carbon negative. It distributes 4% to all token holders as a reward. The other 6% provide the funding for the ever-growing liquidity pool. Every week they remove LP tokens to finance planting trees in order to become carbon negative. They will also provide other donations for environmental activities in the future. Their pre-sale will start next week on 8/29/2021 on the DxSale Launchpad. The main liquidity pool will be locked for 5 years, which is a good thing. This makes Treenetics unruggable and trustworthy. The newly accumulate LP tokens will also be locked every month according to a statement from Treenetics CEO. Those things are explained on their website and their detailed Whitepaper. Treenetics´s team has the vision about transitioning our modern world and society into a carbon-neutral future – and doing so without any compromise. Modern civilization is changing day by day. According to that, the environment is also changing. So people should know how to save it. Treenetics makes an important first step by showing the world that it is possible that environmentalism and capitalism can be combined.

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