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Twenty Montreal – Canadian Brand of Luxury Basics

Twenty Montreal is a Canadian brand of luxury basic clothing. The company was founded by David Helwani in 2011 and has been a huge hit since the first collection was released. Founded by textile experts with family roots in fabric manufacturing, Helwani saw a market for accessible luxury knitwear and launched the brand in 2011. From the start, Twenty Montreal has become synonymous with upscale basics. The clothing line is based in Toronto and consists of a variety of different pieces including hoodies, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and sweaters.

Small knitting company

Twenty Montreal started as a small knitting company, but quickly expanded into a world of sportswear, casual chic ensembles, and luxury basics. The brand is committed to creating high-end classics while pioneering the latest trends. Its collection is characterised by effortless ensembles, edgy statement pieces, and elevated essentials. The collection features a range of pieces that are available in Canada through Bandier, Carbon38, Equinox, and Net-A-Porter.

The brand’s knitwear began life as a family business in Quebec. The founders wanted to give knitwear a more modern, technologically advanced approach. In 2012, they introduced a technique called Hyper Reality Knit, which allows them to reproduce patterns with pinpoint precision. This new technology makes it possible for apparel items to have more sophisticated features, such as a button-down button or a zippered pocket.

Comfortable athleisure clothing

Founded in 2015, Feat aims to provide the most comfortable athleisure clothing possible. The company’s signature fabric is reminiscent of the softest sweatshirt. The Feat Blanketblend Crewneck costs $89 and is the perfect choice for the active lifestyle. While the brand’s products aren’t cheap, they will last a lifetime. Unlike other Canadian brands, Twenty Montreal is a luxury brand of basics.

The brand’s mission is to create timeless pieces that can be worn every day. The brand’s products include leggings, track shorts, bike shorts, and a variety of other items. The company has launched an entire Hyper Reality Knit line and is expanding into other aspects of the fashion industry. The label is a Canadian designer of luxury basics that is based in Toronto. The team’s focus on a contemporary approach to classic clothing has resulted in a line that has a unique look and feels incredibly luxurious.

Innovate and revolutionize knitwear

The Canadian brand’s mission is to innovate and revolutionize knitwear. The company’s products are manufactured in the same mill as its fabrics. The company also manufactures its own clothing. With its ten thousand-square-foot manufacturing facility, Twenty Montreal started with knitwear in 2012. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the power of knitwear and elevate the basics to the next level. Today, the label is one of the most innovative and stylish brands of knitwear.

The Canadian brand of luxury basics has redefined the capabilities of knitwear. In 2012, the brand released the first collection of its Hyper Reality Knit line. This technology enables the manufacturer to recreate the designs of the company’s products with pinpoint precision. By using this technology, the fashion label can produce sophisticated and luxurious knitwear. The collection consists of pants, sweatshirts, and even hoodies.

Manufacturing its own knitwear

The company began manufacturing its own knitwear in a fabric mill. Its mission has expanded to sportswear, basics, and casual chic ensembles. The company’s mission is to create timeless, classic pieces while pioneering the latest trends. The brand’s designs are based on the idea of minimalism and functional comfort. However, the brand is known for its innovative technologies and its ability to design luxury basics in an eco-friendly way.


The brand was established in Montreal, Canada, in 2010. The company’s vision is to reinvent knitwear. With its core values of revolution and innovation, the brand redefines the role of knitwear in everyday life. The company focuses on making quality, exclusive luxury knits. The products are soft and versatile, and come in various colors and textures. The original production facility was a 10,000 square-foot knitting factory.

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