What is OpenCulture?

Whether you’re looking for K-12 resources, audio books, movies, or Mathematical resources, there’s a website out there for you. It’s called OpenCulture. It’s free, and it’s for people of all ages.
Language resources

Choosing from the sea of free and paid language resources can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Luckily for you, the world has gone digital and so have the resources available to you. There are a number of websites and mobile apps that aim to improve your language skills while you’re on the go. There are also databases available at your local library.

Resources are available to all LCC students. Some of the more obscure languages have fewer resources to be found, but don’t let that deter you from learning a new language. If you’re looking for a free language course, you can always check out the Carnegie Mellon university’s Language Learning Center.
K-12 resources

Whether you are teaching in a K-12 school or are just trying to find great resources for your home, there are many resources out there that are free. These resources can be used by educators, instructional teams, and students.

These resources are often called OER. These resources are digital materials that are open to the public. These materials can be used, redistributed, and revised without any cost. The materials are free, but the authors retain ownership rights.

One resource that is great for K-12 students is Google’s World Wonders Project. This project enables students to explore famous sites around the world virtually. It also offers a variety of innovative ways to learn about geography.
Audio books

Whether you are looking for a free online audio book, or an audiobook that you can listen to on the go, there are many options out there. Read on to discover more.

One of the most unique sites for downloading free audio books is Lit2Go. It’s a website that offers a comprehensive database of free public domain books, and even provides a search tool. You can search by author, title, and readability. It also rates books using a Flesch-Kincaid grade level scoring system.

Another option is LibriVox, which has a huge database of free audiobooks. You can find more than 16,000 titles, and you can download a complete audiobook, or just the chapters you need. You can search by title or subject, and there are also mobile apps that you can install to read the books on the go.
Mathematical resources

Whether you are a math teacher, parent, or student, there are several mathematical resources that can help you out. For example, one of the most useful is the Symbolab math equation calculator. It’s a free math equation calculator for algebra, trigonometry, and calculus problems. Also, there’s the Openly Available Sources Integrated Search, developed by the SUNY Geneseo Milne Library.

There’s also the LibreTexts, a service from the University of California Davis that gives you free open access to quality textbooks. Another useful resource is the Math Matters Student Success Center at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The best part is that you’re able to customize your learning experience by choosing from several different options.
Creative industries resources

Often referred to as the Orange Economy, these industries are a vital part of the innovation process. They are not only important drivers of innovation but can also have a spillover effect on other sectors. Whether it’s for a personal outlet, an urban regeneration project, or for a more sustainable way of living, the creative industries can be an asset to a country.

Their products and services range from books, music, and photography to crafts, advertising, and gaming. These industries are important drivers of innovation and have potential for wealth creation through the exploitation of intellectual property.

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