Unions are popular in the USA: Benefits of Joining a Union

A labor union is an organization formed mainly by workers for the purpose of improving the working environment. It is considered for use when the company in which the employee works does not have a company-specific union. In addition, even if your company has a company-specific union, if you cannot expect activities such as collective bargaining and group behavior, you will use an externally organized union.

Unions can be joined by any worker, regardless of employment type, and can be joined by non-regular employees such as part-timers and part-time workers. Union’s main activity is to apply for collective bargaining for unfair acts such as dismissal and unpaid overtime and ask the company to improve the working environment and treatment.

Trade Union Law and Labor Rights

  • Right to organize
  • Collective bargaining rights
  • Group action right

Advantages of Joining a Union

A union has many advantages; those are useful for the union members. The union always works for one another. If you want these benefits, then start a union.

  • The most significant advantage is countering dismissals, salary cuts, and harassment for unreasonable reasons. The Trade Union Law allows trade unions to negotiate with the company for improper treatment semi-forcefully. Therefore, even if you are not an individual, if you are a labor union member, you can ask the company to take a sincere response.
  • Another advantage of joining a labor union is that it makes communicating requests to management regarding benefits and low wages. For example, even if you feel that your salary is low, it is difficult for you to negotiate with your senior management to change your salary. However, if you are a labor union member, you can negotiate with the company on an equal footing, making it easier to communicate your requests to management.
  • Many trade unions regularly hold parties and drinking parties called social gatherings. By participating in such exchange meetings, you can interact with people from other industries and departments that you would not normally be involved in your work.
  • It makes it easier to communicate complaints such as injustice and harassment to the company, making it easier to resolve problems early.
  • Even in situations where it is difficult for individuals to negotiate, it is possible to discuss on an equal footing by acting through the labor union.
  • In addition, by joining the union, you will have the opportunity to grasp information on wages and the working environment, which is difficult to know in your daily work and management’s way of thinking.
  • Belonging to a labor union also provides a certain deterrent to the company and prevents unfair acts.
  • If you have troubles by yourself, the mental and psychological burden will increase, affecting your daily work. One way is to work with people who have the same problems to solve the problem as soon as possible.

In order for a trade union to conclude a valid unionship agreement, it must be approved by a majority of the workers employed at a particular workplace. It will be invalid if this requirement is not met.

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