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Using Social Media for Your Job Search: Tips and Tricks

Social media gets a lot of credit for the best and worst aspects of our culture. But one of the things we can unquestionably celebrate its existence for is its popularity as a hiring platform.

That’s right, plenty of users find new jobs with the help of their social media accounts. And many employers rely on social platforms to find top-notch talent since it offers them a massive array of potential candidates.

If you’re hoping to land a career using social media, you certainly aren’t alone, but you should consider our tips and tricks. With these, using social media for your job search will get a whole lot easier and maybe even a little fun!

Spruce Up Your Profiles

Social media started as a way to stay in constant touch with family and friends. It obviously has grown and evolved, which is why we’re even talking about using it to possibly find a job!

The first step is to spruce up your personal profiles. To match your go-getting attitude, ensure you scrub your profiles of anything immature or in poor taste that may be lingering from years past. This can include anything from comments and pictures to likes and follows.

Switch your focus from a building and maintaining friendships perspective to a goal-oriented one. Project a professional image from the word go, and you’ll undoubtedly impress your dream employer.

Connect With Others in Your Niche

Social media makes it easy to reach out and network with people who have similar interests. Which makes it especially helpful when you’re searching for a new job.

For starters, you can join a professional Facebook group to chat with others in your field. They may share professional tips, help you stay up to date on which companies are hiring, or even provide a recommendation for a job opening.

Maintaining these connections even after you’ve landed a job is also smart. Networking can serve you and your base for the rest of your careers, after all!

Research the Profiles of Your Dream Employers

It’s natural to look at the profiles of friends, family, and those who inspire us.

And employers expect you to know at least a bit about their company and what they do before you interview with them.

Prepare yourself by putting these two activities together and study the profiles of the employers you wish to work for in the future. You may gain insights into their company culture and better understand what working for them may be like. You can follow them and learn about their culture, goals, and past and current work.

You can also see who and what they’re following, how they’re tagging, and follow suit. Show them you are a thoughtful and ideal match for their company before you even speak to them!

All of which closely relates to our next tip …

Follow the Right Accounts

Potential employers will take you more seriously based on who you follow. While a lot more goes into the hiring process, of course, who you follow can really benefit you in several ways.

If you follow the accounts of industry leaders and global thinkers, hiring managers will have no doubt you want to learn from the best.

So what are some of the best accounts to follow? 

It depends on the platforms you use. But we have some ideas on the best Instagram accounts to follow that prove your insightful nature and that just may help you secure a job.

These include:

  • TED: The non-profit dedicated to sharing ideas from renowned thinkers in every field across the globe.
  • Fast Company: The media brand to follow if you want the inside scoop on emerging tech companies.
  • Work Lessons 101: For when you need a daily dose of career advice to keep you inspired.
  • Her Agenda: The digital media brand that shares quotes, articles, and tips from Black female entrepreneurs to help you stay motivated.
  • Danny Tran: The former model turned career consultant offers daily doses of business and personal goals that are smart and encouraging.

Follow these accounts to impress employers and inspire you to land your dream job. You may even learn a bit about building your personal brand in the process. It’s perfectly natural to cultivate a “fake it ‘til you make it” mindset. But that’s an A to B journey, and you have to start somewhere. 

A possible employer may not outright hire you for following accounts like these, of course, but it also won’t hurt your career chances either! And all the motivation you feel from these movers and shakers is sure to bring about a positive mindset and some employer-dazzling mojo.

Be Thoughtful With Every Word You Type

It’s easy to feel comfortable and use social media without a second thought. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or all the above, you are encouraged to be yourself at all times. And this has its good and its bad.

Remember: you never know who may be watching! A whopping 70% of employers use social media to research job candidates when hiring.

This means that every word you post on any social media site is up for scrutiny. And since first impressions are everything, it’s time to be more considerate when posting if you’re using social media for your job search.

Put thought into all your comments, captions, replies, the whole shebang. That way, you’ll never have a potential employer doubt your intentions. (Or have anything questionable to explain to them when it comes time to interview!)


Sure, social media can be a fantastic tool for improving your job search. But just because you have an account on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn doesn’t mean your work is over! 

In fact, it’s really only the beginning.

Follow our tips and tricks for using social media for your job search to start that journey. After a bit of time and effort, the perfect employer is sure to take notice and grab you up before anyone else steals their chance.

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Elaine Chavez is the Business Manager at 625 Broadway. With over eight years of experience in the industry, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. Elaine is passionate about helping people find the perfect place to call home and shines at building a community that everyone is proud to be a part of.

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