UV Flatbed Printing Machine-Four Ways to Improve Its Efficiency

UV flatbed printing machine is the most commonly used machine in the printing industry. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for printing in all walks of life. At this stage, there are four key ways to improve the printing rate of UV flatbed printer packaging.

1. Upgrade the hardware configuration

Replace the UV flatbed printing machine print head with a faster print speed, for example, from civilian print head upgrade to industrial print head, usually from the original print head upgrade to the current precision print head applications. Upgrading from a mid-range printhead for industrial products to a high-end printhead, such as a normal standard configuration of exactly 2+1 single and double rows of print, to a 2* (2+1) or 3* (2+1) or 3* (2+1) etc. to widen these and increase print speeds.

This method can be very costly and is also limited by the rest of the machine. If the performance of the rest of the machine cannot meet the requirement to increase the print speed, it cannot be upgraded. So when you buy a UV flatbed printer, you need to know in advance whether the machine is suitable for upgrading, what are the ways to upgrade.

2. Mobile phone software settings

Usually you can switch to a uv flatbed printer for printing. Manuscript speed > production speed > high precision speed > very high precision die speed, the amount of printing feathering is how much, etc.; after the customer can specify the colour of the pattern design, try to choose the speed > very high precision in the production mode to maximize productivity. For the purchase of uv flatbed printer, the board mobile phone software is very important.

3. Auxiliary moulds

For the production of large quantities of packaging printing, whether it is feeding, precise positioning, picking up the material stage. If it must be done manually, it will be a waste of time. This is where 2 or more sets of professional moulds need to be made for the material itself, to work with each other. This way, one set can be printed after ordering and the other set needs to be placed in advance for the printing process. Continuous packaging and printing can be accomplished with the uv flatbed printer, greatly reducing the delay between waiting materials.

4. Hazard analysis and data transmission information

The computer’s cpu, becomes a solid-state drive, a sole display (2G), 8G or larger computer memory. This greatly improves the responsiveness of graphic design writing and the efficiency of the mind mapping phase and data information transfer phase. Shortening the waiting time for failures and higher configuration of the computer also ensures that the actual operation of the mobile software is less prone to server paralysis and lagging.

UV flatbed printer is widely used in several industries, advertising signs, home design, handicraft processing, all material plans can be printed out beautiful pattern design, which is considered the old rebound, today said another strong UV flatbed UV flatbed printer another strong surface printer: the practical effect of printing embossed, the hierarchy of beautiful. So what is the relief?

The cultural expression of multi-coloured relief is diverse and basically defined in the middle of stone art and painting. It is an independent innovative style that combines the ordinary production process and the paint spraying process. The actual effect of the printed embossed product has a clear hierarchy and an excellent three-dimensional effect. The relief of the surface of objects in the plane is mainly manifested as the actual effect of convex and concave three-dimensional sculpture works, the actual effect of printing relief, with the eyes to present 3D three-dimensional vision, touch convex and concave with hand concave silky smooth and detailed, the interface is not only clear, many customers according to the product requirements, UV flatbed printer in the product surface to print the actual effect of 3D relief, improve the colour saturation of the product objects in relief, showing The product’s flash point, increase the characteristics. The relief visual pattern design will be more layered than a flat image. This unique feature that other types of equipment cannot do, only UV printers can do.

UV flatbed printers that add colour channels to drawings. The actual effect of printing letterpress is the addition of white ink. The key to relief is the deposition of UV white ink, which is printed according to the raw material. Throughout the printing process, layers build up on the surface of the material. The higher the relative height of the thickness deposition, the more pronounced the actual effect. As the frequency of printing white ink increases, the thickness increases. After printing the white ink, use coloured black ink to print your chosen graphic design on the surface of the raw material. The actual operation of printing reliefs with a Nocturnal Digital UV flatbed printing machine is so simple that you can easily complete a vivid relief pattern design.

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