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Vortex Mixer: All the Ultimate Functions & Importance that Must Know

A vortex mixer is an experimental instrument that swirls the bottom of a test tube at high speed to agitate the contents. The upward motor has a rubber bowl at a position off the Centre of the drive shaft. The bottom of the tube is brought into contact with the inside of the bowl and rim by fast turning, the content liquid vortex is formed, agitation is carried out. Some have a swivel speed adjustment knob, while others swivel only when pressure is applied to the bowl.

Vortex mixers are used in biology laboratories. For example, it is used to prepare cell suspensions in culture and microbiology experiments. In biochemistry and analytical chemistry, it is used for mixing reagents for quantification and uniform doubling of samples.

The most popular and vital mixer for the present time is the vortex genie. The Vortex genie mixer contains essential features essential for the most complex mixing applications in the laboratory. Vortex genie all models are built with the highest quality motors and die-cast zinc housing. Many mixers of vortex genie series are available in the market today, and these vortex genie series have excellent mixer capabilities.

Vortex Mixer: Why it is so important?

This product operates in two operation modes: continuous mixing and TOUCH mixing. The mode switch supports you to switch between operation mode and power off.

  • Continuous mixing

When the position of the mode switch is turned ON, the power is turned on, and the operation starts. Turn the speed adjustment lever to set the desired speed.

  • Touch mixing

Set the mode switch position to touch. Moves when the test tube is pressed vertically against the head start working.

Turn the speed adjustment lever to set the desired speed.

It is possible to generate a similar eddy current without using a machine manually. Just tap the bottom of the test tube back and forth with your finger. This method is time-consuming and tends to result in inadequate agitation but is suitable in the absence of a vortex mixer or when working with delicate samples that can be mechanically damaged. However, it is better to avoid agitating corrosive substances in this way. It is suitable to apply to work that accelerates the mixing of compatible liquids.

Vortex mixer functions:

  • The most essential and necessary vortex mixer for the Bioscience Laboratory.
  • The vortex mixer comes in handy when microbiology tests and cell culture are required to suspend the cells.
  • The vortex mixer is essential for analytical work in biochemical laboratories.

What kind of tool is a vortex mixer?

A vortex mixer is an experimental instrument for stirring and mixing liquids in test tubes and plastic tubes. The “vortex” of a vortex mixer means “vortex (water, air, etc.); whirlwind”. When you switch on the vortex mixer, the upper part protruding above rotates at high speed. When the bottom of the test tube or plastic tube is applied to this part, the rotational movement is transmitted to the test tube or plastic tube, and the liquid inside swirls and rotates. Stirring with a vortex mixer is called vortexing.

For example, adding water or buffer to a reagent and stirring vigorously with a vortex mixer can quickly dissolve and homogenize the reagent. For poorly soluble reagents, a vortex may be applied for 2-3 minutes. When the vibration caused by high-speed rotation is transmitted to your hand, it feels like you are hitting a massage machine. However, if you just vortex 50 or 100 test tubes, your hands will become numb, and it won’t be easy. However, you cannot use the vortex mixer to stir the solution in which the protein is dissolved. The high-speed rotation of the solution creates bubbles that can damage the protein.

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