Ways to find a reputable commercial contractor

How to get a good commercial contractor to build an affordable commercial building? You should find someone who knows commercial construction, have their necessary licenses and experience. The process of choosing a contractor for commercial construction is considered a critical step.

Don’t go for the cheapest!

Construction errors can lead to construction delays and damage. The right contractor will do what it takes to prevent problems and follow the right steps. Good contractors may cost you more but will make your building project go smoother and you may save money in the long run.

Here are some tips for selecting reputable commercial contractors:

  1. Look at their past work, ask the contractor to provide you with past projects. You may be able to talk to the building owner who has worked with the same contractor. You can ask for previous clients and their phone number to ask them about your contractor’s work.
  2. Choose a contractor with good amount of experience with the same type of projects
  3. Verify licenses and office address.
  4. Find out the price of similar projects to decide if the price is good
  5. The contractor must have a team ready, an engineer, architect and all people together who will work on your project. In addition, there should be a team to support the work, such as having project managers and technicians. They should have the way to get the needed equipment and products for your project.
  6. You should hire a contractor who can complete the work according to a precise schedule; within a timeline.
  7. Ask whether they use subcontractors or not. More full time employees and less subcontractors are better for you. That means they will be able to finish the work in the agreed timeline.
  8. Ask for a detailed estimate for all costs. Make sure if they give you help with acquiring all required documents for local building codes.
  9. Contractors should be insured. If there is a damage or accident you will need to make sure you won’t be liable. Their insurance should pay for all that.
  10. The contractor should be in a stable financial status.
  11. Ask the contractor how many jobs they have currently. If the contractor has too many jobs, there will be a chance that they won’t be doing a good job.
  12. Find a contractor who is a member of a certified association. This means they take their business seriously. These associations have certain requirements within the industry.


Hiring a contractor is a difficult task. In order to not waste your money and avoid further issues and problems you will need to do your due-diligence. You will need to check if the contractor is in good standing, have good reviews, experience with your type of project and if they have all the required licenses and insurance. You will also need to make sure if they have all the equipment and required materials to complete your building project properly.

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