Ways to make traveling possible during the pandemic

COVID-19 continues to terrorize the world every day as more people contract the virus while others succumb to the disease. Even with all this turmoil, life has to go on in that you have work, travel, or go on holiday. With no known cure or vaccine for this disease, you need to take serious precautions in everything that you do. Here are ways to make traveling possible during this pandemic:

1. Plan about your transportation beforehand

When you tour a new country this COVID-19 season, you better be armed with an international driving permit. This kind of license is a document that will allow you to drive a private vehicle in any country that officially recognizes this document. Renting a car when traveling to a new place saves you time, helps you tour more, is cheap, and eliminates waiting time. At the moment, public transport is a hub for COVID-19 transmission hence you will need to rent a car to stay safe. Renting a car during these pandemic times will ensure that you uphold COVID-19 measures of social distancing. If you have a United States driver’s license, you are eligible to rent and drive a car in Austria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Hungary among other European countries. Thus, take your license with you if you decide to tour any of these countries!

2. Familiarize yourself with basic safety tips

COVID-19 is no longer a new disease and we are constantly learning about it as time progresses. When traveling, you need to adhere to the basic safety precautions which are regularly being voiced out by professionals in the healthcare sector. For instance, you need to:

  • Get tested for COVID-19 1-3 days before you travel.
  • Wear a mask when on public transportation whether on the airplane or bus.
  • Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer close at all times and sanitize often.
  • Pack enough medication to last you a whole trip.
  • Carry snacks and water to replenish your energy in case you happen to be in a place where stores, restaurants, and take-out places are closed.

3. Pick your hotel wisely

The shortcoming of staying in a hotel is that it is difficult to trust the housekeeping staff and keep a safe distance from people. While staying in a hotel is inevitable, when you are traveling to the United States, you need to pick hotels that are compliant with the American Hotel and Lodging Association Safety guidelines. Often, such hotels are likely to take care of their staff by offering them essential personal protective equipment and sick leave when they are unwell. The catch is that hotels that look after their staff will also take care of you during your stay there. If you are skeptical about lodging in a hotel, you can always go for a cabin instead. The beauty of staying in a cottage is that you have minimal interaction with other guests hence you can maintain a considerable distance from people. Additionally, you can adopt the CDC’s guidelines to clean and disinfect your accommodation.

4. Exercise caution

From the time you start planning your trip to the day you board the plane, and upon arrival to your preferred destination, treat everyone as though they are sick and treat each surface as if it is contaminated! What does this mean?

  • When you go to a public bathroom, pick a well-ventilated one, and stay away from people.
  • Practice thorough hand hygiene or sanitize.
  • Avoid dining in a restaurant and order take-out instead.

Being paranoid might just save your life!

5. Get a flu shot

During fall and winter, people are prone to contract the flu. It should be noted that a flu shot will not protect you from COVID-19, however, it will provide you with several benefits. Hospitals are slowly becoming a hotspot for COVID-19. When you get a flu vaccine before you travel, you have the potential to reduce the development of flu-like illness and hospitalization which means that you are less likely to go to the emergency room. According to the CDC, flu shots have been found to save healthcare resources for the care of patients who have already contracted Coronavirus.


In all honesty, traveling during these pandemic times is not the best idea! But should it be necessary, you need to plan well for your trip and UAE Residence Visa, observe basic safety measures, exercise caution, and get a flu vaccine to protect yourself.

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