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9 Ways to Take Care of the Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

30-Second Summary

  • The skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your face. Therefore, it needs extra pampering and protection.
  • This skin is thin and less elastic, making it prone to wrinkles and pigmentation when exposed to environmental stress.
  • To prevent premature aging, you need to be extra gentle with the skin around your eyes and invest in a good eye cream for your skin concerns.
  • For severe dark circles and wrinkles, skin procedures like chemical peels or laser treatment can help.
  • Prevention is better than cure when it comes to skin aging around the eyes. So, follow the tips for under-eye skincare from the get-go.


The skin underneath and around our eyes is one of the most delicate parts of the body. It is thinner than the skin on the rest of the face and has fewer protective oil glands. Also, this skin is constantly moved as we blink our eyes throughout the day. It is the first to succumb to wear and tear caused by aging, external factors, and friction.

The under-eye skin requires extra pampering and needs careful handling. Otherwise, it can result in premature aging and wrinkles. Under-eye skincare is something that you should look into no matter what your age. Here are some tips to get you started.

What Are the Common Eye Area Skin Issues?

Here are some of the common under-eye skin issues that can be prevented and treated with proper skincare:

  • Dark Circles
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Puffiness

If you notice any of these signs around your eyes, you need to take your under-eye skincare to the next level with the following tips.

9 Tips to Protect and Treat the Fragile Skin Around Your Eyes

1. Protect Your Eyes from the Sun. Sun exposure can be the culprit behind hyperpigmentation under and around the eyes. Moreover, the UV rays can cause collagen breakdown, which leads to wrinkles. Even studies[1] have found sunscreen to be effective against dark circles. So, do not forget to apply sunscreen to the skin around the eyes. Also, wear sunglasses and hats whenever possible to further protect your delicate under-eye skin.

Pro Tip – Use a physical sunscreen with SPF 50 to protect your skin without any stinging in your eyes.

2. Moisturize Always. Moisturizers are underrated eye skincare products. They help to plump up and hydrate the skin under the eyes. This reduces wrinkles and dryness to a large extent. Some people like to use their face moisturizer under their eyes too.

However, picking one of the best anti-aging eye creams with moisturizing agents will give better results. This is because eye creams are specially formulated with gentle ingredients to nourish and treat the under-eye skin.

Pro Tip – Dot and apply your eye cream with your ring finger to minimize any pressure on the delicate skin.

3. Be Gentle During Makeup Removal. Being harsh on your under-eye skin and eyelids while removing makeup can lead to premature wrinkles. This is because the skin under the eyes is thin and can easily get damaged due to friction.

You should always remove your makeup with a gentle makeup remover and a soft cloth. Do not apply too much pressure on your skin to remove makeup quickly.

Pro Tip – Avoid using makeup wipes to get rid of makeup and choose a gentle cleansing balm instead.

4. Fix Your Sleep Schedule. Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes can often be caused by a lack of sleep. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily can improve and prevent these conditions. Also, sleeping with your head slightly elevated on a pillow can reduce puffiness caused by fluid build-up. To ensure a uniform sleep schedule, you can try sleep-tracking apps or soothing sleep sounds.

Pro Tip – Staying hydrated before bedtime can further prevent puffiness under the eyes.

5. Pick the Right Eye Cream. Using the right eye cream as per your primary skin concerns and age is essential. In your 20s, prevention and hydration should be the focus of your eye care regimen. On the other hand, in your 30s and beyond, treatment is usually the major goal. Based on this, the ingredients and their concentration in different eye creams vary.

Plexaderm is an eye cream that may help if fine lines and dryness are some of your concerns. It contains peptides to improve skin strength and hydrating ingredients to plump the skin. Plexaderm review postings by consumers mention a reduction in eye bags and wrinkles in most cases.

Pro Tip – Look for caffeine in the ingredients list if you have puffiness, vitamin C if you have dark circles under the eyes, and retinol or peptides if fine lines are your primary concern.

6. Use Cooling Treatments. Cooling treatments can reduce puffiness and eye fatigue. These include DIY treatments such as soaked tea bags or cucumber slices. You can also use cooling eye masks or store an eye gel in the fridge to use as a depuffing mask. This trick is particularly useful for puffy eye bags in the morning.

Pro Tip – Avoid applying ice directly to the skin; instead, wrap it in a thin sheet of cotton to reduce temperature shock.

7. Take A Break from Devices. The light from your devices not only tires out the eyes but also damages the skin around them. The blue light from screens can cause premature aging around the eyes if you use devices all day long. Prolonged screen exposure can cause wrinkles as well as dark circles under the eyes. So, it is important to limit your screen time as much as possible. You can also check for sunscreen or eye cream that claims to have blue-light protection.

Pro Tip – If you spend a lot of time on devices, you can try glasses that protect the eyes from blue light.

8. Massage The Under-Eye Skin. Gentle massages can help to reduce puffiness under the eyes and also improve skin elasticity. One way to do this is to pair the skin massage with any of the best anti-aging eye creams. You can use a jade roller or your fingers for this light massage. Massage in slow, outward motions to firm up the skin under your eyes.

Pro Tip – You can store your jade roller in the fridge for 10 minutes for a cooling massage.

9. Non-Surgical Treatments. Studies[2] indicate that chemical peels and laser treatments can help with dark circles and under-eye issues. Depending on the root cause behind under-eye aging or pigmentation, a dermatologist can suggest the procedure for you. These treatments can reduce severe wrinkles or dark circles, which may not get erased by topical skincare.

Pro Tip – Always visit a certified professional with years of experience to get the best results from any skin treatment.

The Bottom Line – Protect Your Under-Eye Skin to Prevent Aging!

Your skincare regimen must pay attention to your under-eye area because it is the most delicate part of your facial skin. For this, you should include a good-quality anti-aging eye cream in your regimen and be gentle to the skin around your eyes.

According to the Plexaderm review writings by consumers, Plexaderm may be a good eye cream to reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Additionally, protect this region with the help of sunscreen and glasses that filter out UV and blue light.

Prevention is the best approach when it comes to under-eye aging. So, do not wait for the fine lines and pigmentation to appear. Instead, use protective and hydrating treatments to keep under-eye aging at bay from the get-go!

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