West Sikkim: Red Panda Sanctuary

The mind has been wandering for some time. The mountains are calling, and the reason is nothing but a long three-year exile. Somewhat voluntarily, somewhat reluctantly. The son is near the boundary of the year and a half in my tune. But the mind does not last. There is no word in this heat (delusion!) That wind is blowing through the window of my house in North Kolkata! If there is a way! So, when I join Sangopang.

The destination is West Sikkim.

The destination is West Sikkim Barse or Verse. Rhododendron Sanctuary. Not Pelling or Yumthang is relatively less populous and less popular this year. The reason for choosing is nature and only nature.

Rhododendrons, red pandas, Tibetan shrines, spotted laughing trash, and above all, the canopy of nature is hard to ignore.

Description of Sikkim

 the sanctuary covers 104 square kilometers in West Sikkim, with Nepal on one side and West Bengal on the other, bordering the Singalila Mountains.

It can enter in three directions via Hill, Deltas, and Saran. The most popular road is Halley, and This 4 km trek is indescribable. In March-April, rhododendrons grace to nature. If you can witness that event, you have to be indebted to nature for life. Leaf bed narrow path through pine fern with thin bamboo sticks. While trekking, you will see small waterfalls, which are full of fresh water and minerals.

 The cold, sweet water greatly relieves the difficulty of walking. Rows and rows of blue bamboo bushes can see on both sides of the walking path. If the luck is very happy, the red panda can see.


As the height increases, the pine forest will disappear, and the rhododendron will welcome it with open arms.

The trees catch fire in March-April. Wherever the eye goes is just red. What a wonderful sight!

How to go:

You can go by plane from Kolkata to Bagdogra. In a prepaid taxi or car, it will take five hours. When you reach New Jalpaiguri by train, you can take a prepaid taxi or car from there.

And yes, whatever comes with it will go with it, since it is under the Green Zone, so you have to go back with biscuits, chanachur, packets of chips, empty water bottles, everything, they can’t be left behind.

Undoubtedly this impeccable trip to get a few days off from the urban mechanical civilization will, in no small extent, fill the oxygen deficit.

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