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What Are Instagram Stories?

Only someone foreign to social media would not confer what Instagram stories are, but if you are someone scrolling through amazing feeds on Instagram you know how amazing stories can be.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are a feature of Instagram to upload video, audio or text content. Instagram stories are available for only 24 hours on the feed. Instagram stories are different from the posts and reels that you upload not only in the terms of duration of display on your profile but because stories are meant to display your moments of the day throughout. You can share your daily precious moments on the Instagram stores with everyone from anywhere. You can share multiple stories in a day without worrying about over posting. Instagram stories allows you to create overlays of doodlewith stickers, highlighters and other exciting features. Also with that you can watch the story anonymously without the person ever knowing through an online application called StoriesIG. StoriesIG is a free Instagram app that lets you see the latest stories anonymously.

What else can Instagram stories do?

If you think Instagram stories are limited to just this much you are mistaken, there is a lot more that you can do with them, here’s how:

  1.     Add effects: Unlike your posts where you get hands on limited editing tools, stories open up a whole lot more features and effects to your pictures and videos. Like snapchat you add many filter effects, texts, stickers, live face filters, geo stickers and other polling effects to help your stories look more impactful and better.
  1.     Add music: Add music to your pictures and videos using Instagram stories music feature. It creates a music label over your story adding some spice to the story. You can choose from the original sounds on Instagram or even browse for more options from the library.
  2.     Make a private story just for your close friends: Instagram stories are originally meant to be shared with everyone. But Instagram conferred its users’ need for a private story to share with just a few people. You can choose the people you want to share your story with, add them to a close friends list and then share the story with these people only
  3.     Create highlights for your profile: Worried what would happen to your story post 24 hours? Want to keep it for a longer span on your profile, just create a highlight. Once you have posted a story, when you play it you can see the ‘create highlight’ option. Click on this to add the story as a highlight on your story permanently. Now you do not have to worry about losing your stories post 24 hours.
  4.     See who’s watching your story and respond: When you post something on Instagram, you get a list of people who have liked or commented on your posts. What about those who viewed it? Instagram stories provide you a list of viewers who viewed your story, just swipe up on your story and there you are with a list of all the people who have viewed your story since upload. It even provides you with a message bar to respond to other people’s stories. This way you can create an interaction over stories as well.
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