What are SARMs, and what are their advantages that recent studies prove?

Perhaps you have heard of this chemical due to all the hustle and bustle on the internet. That’s why you search what are SARMs to know whether it’s of any use to you. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs are research chemicals that became popular due to their help in gemming and bodybuilding. Initially, they helped muscle loss in cancer patients due to chemotherapy and radiation.

These research chemicals are highly studied for their various promising clinical applications. At the same time, they are also sold as supplements for ordinary people to use. You can easily buy SARMs online from any reputed company.

Without going deep into the technical aspects of SARMs, let’s take a look at the benefits of these chemicals. Below are some therapeutic benefits that researchers found out during their study.

Alzheimer’s disease

Various cognitive processes may start to decrease for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Functions like working memory, episodic memory, visual-spatial processing, processing speed, and executive functions become dull. This is mainly due to the low free testosterone index, which directly affects the individual. That is why scientists believe that can use SARMs for the treatment of such diseases one day. This increases the patients’ quality of life.

Prostate cancer

These chemicals are also effective in the treatment of prostate cancer. They can act as an AR antagonist, which is on par with enzalutamide, which is generally used for the treatment. This means that if the traditional antiandrogen therapy is not working for some individuals, then using SARMs is a favourable solution. Also, it is suitable for tissue-targeted imaging. In cases of metastatic disease, SARMs help to improve the radiological diagnosis.


This is a wasting disorder that causes muscle wasting and extreme weight loss. This mainly affects people with severe diseases like COPD, AIDS, cancer, congestive heart failure (CHF), and kidney diseases. Treating this disorder when the patient is experiencing the full effect of the disease can be troublesome. This is where SARMs come in. Yes, it can promote tissue anabolism which is the recent focus of study for many scientists. Animal studies show an increase in contractile protein syntheses like actin and myosin.

To conclude, catabolism due to disease is reversible or preventable with Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs).

Male contraception

From the animal studies, the effects of SARMs show promising results as effect male contraception. This chemical interferes with the spermatogenesis process through a negative feedback mechanism. In the same study, after the chemicals’ administration stopped, the mice could give 100% pregnancy results. This means it doesn’t irreparably damage the reproduction mechanisms in the human body. Plus, bone mineral density and lean muscle mass increase while fat mass decreases due to SARMs.


A widespread bone disease where the bones become weak and brittle. Generally, the human body absorbs calcium and replaces bone tissue. But due to this condition, the formation of new bone tissue does not occur. And the worst part is that most people don’t know they have such a condition until they have a bone fracture.

Studies noted that SARMs have stimulation or up building effects on the bone. This means SARMs can be adjuncts in treating osteoporosis or other medical conditions that affect bone density.

Muscular dystrophy

This is a group of rare genetic disease which weakens and damages the muscles with time. This is basically due to the deficiency of dystrophin, a protein needed for muscle to work. Because this protein is not there in the body, even everyday things like swallowing and walking can be difficult. As the condition progresses, it can cause loss of muscle mass. In most cases, this disease begins in childhood. Eventually, the patient will have limited mobility due to this condition. But the life span is short for the affected individuals.

The use of SARMs in muscular dystrophies can be a huge help for such patients. After all, medications and surgery can only do little good. Studies show an increase in protein synthesis and muscle mass when using this chemical during pilot studies.

Breast cancer

The use of SARMs is currently under clinical trials, but the results are promising. This increases the survival rate of the patient by regulating ER signalling. In turn, the risk of aggression and metastasis decreases. 

Is SARMs good?

From the above benefits, you can see why much research goes into this chemical. With advancements in science and technology, finding miracle drugs for diseases that seem to have no hope – is a step in the right direction. You can buy SARMs from online stores as supplements. Or, if you are pursuing research, then you can find this chemical online for your work. Either way, there is no doubt that SARMs have the potential to help people out.

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