What are the top features of small business phone systems?

There are many advantages of having the latest small business phone system installed your office. The top features you can expect are:

  • Auto attendant

One of the key features, auto attendant is a vertical receptionist, it answers incoming calls and delivers them to the right department or person improving customer satisfaction

  • Announcements

When callers need to be placed in a queue, this feature welcomes them, gives an approximate waiting time and provides relevant information and business advertising

  • Busy light

A light on your phone tells others when you’re busy or can receive calls

  • Call Forwarding

This auto feature means you do not need to change your number or contact details when you get a new device or are in a new location

  • Call Log

Gives you the date and time of each call, its duration and status to track your call for sales activity or customer queries

  • Call Recording and Real Time Analytics

Ideal for training purposes or referring back to conversations later your call are recorded to the cloud and you can check business results

  • Conference Calling

This feature allows other team members to join any conversation or simplifies meetings with people in multiple locations 

  • Desk Phones

Many people prefer a desk phone you can have a small business phone system with a fully functional wireless desk phone you can move to any location as required

Direct Inward Dialing

When you have many team members, his feature allows each to have their own number without the need for each member to have physical phone lines 

  • Follow Find Me

Automatically divert or make calls to any phone near where you are 

  • HD Voice

Crystal clear audio is like face to face talking

  • International Calls

No more international or long-distance phone bills, they’re all free on the internet

  • Supporting Mobile and Desktop Apps

Instant messaging using any device not just a cell phone

  • IP Private Branch Exchange

Connects calls from different all systems such as landlines or VoIP networks

  • Managed Caller ID

People are more likely to accept calls when they know whose calling.

  • Multi-Device Support

A vital aspect of office continuity planning as you can make VoIP calls from any device so in disasters you have back up services.

  • Voice Mail to Email

This feature records phone messages and places them in your email inbox.

Multiple lines

Allows incoming calls to ring on any number of devices or you can speak to all employees at once on your phone

  • Multiple lines and Ring Groups

Allows incoming calls to ring on any number of devices or you can speak to all employees at once on your phone for important announcements such as fire or emergency drill, health inspection or arrival of VIP’s.

When a customer calls your auto attendant will answer and ask about their inquiry. They will then transfer the call to the phones of all people in that department so anyone free can answer, speeding up customer services

  • Phone Directory

A complete phone directory on your phone that can be voice discoverable making it easy to locate the details

Wireless Headsets

Hands and wireless headsets mean you can stay in touch no matter what you doing through your small business phone system network. The employee computer monitoring software is so important software which protect your data.

With advanced solutions such as Microsoft Phone System, businesses can take advantage of Windows Virtual Server Hosting and other services for next-generation capabilities

The features of a modern small business phone system help to improve the flow of customer’s services and improve business relationships which in turn increase profitability while reducing overall office and communication expenses.

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