What has been the role of UNO in the Israel-Palestine conflict?

Talking about the Israel-Palestine conflict and the role of the UNO in making sure that peace prevails on both sides, it can be a little daunting to know that not much has been done or offered by UNO in the matter. UNO or united nations organizations is the continuation of the league of nations that was around World War II and then got renamed as UNO with various changes done to the concept.

The most obvious role that UNO has played is in the partition of Palestine in 1947 and the creation of Israel in the year 1948. By the end of the year, UNO did pass resolution 194 which clearly stated that war-affected Palestinians can go back to their homes and will even receive compensations for their losses. Another big development that is as cunning as it gets is that Israel joined UNO the very year and has been its member since.

Taking the advantage of becoming a member of the UN and running its vicious schemes Israel abruptly made sure that the UN has no involvement on the political side of things which obstructed the course of Palestinian refugees getting compensations, land, and resources for the losses that they did bear in the recent war. Thus began the manipulative series of events that led to further deterioration of Palestinians, their civil and human rights while Israel rose to power and the UN was nothing more than a Puppet in all of this.

By the time of 1967 US, France, Britain, and the Soviet Union were in charge and did support the corrupt and hollow tactics of Israel while neglecting the very issue of Palestinian’s rights and a chance at making their own state and government. Instead, they were forced to live and being ruled by Israel having no concept of self-defense or even the basic human rights that they should be given.

The current escalation that is taking place is the result of Israel’s vile tactics and the very propaganda of destroying Palestine and its residents to take over and build a country for themselves and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the UN is also to blame for all of this. Because they never stepped in and tightened the domains of law and equality around Israel so Palestinians should have their chance at an independent state for themselves.

Since way back Palestinians are only termed as refugees no one has ever struck on the issue that they should be given a separate state or identity just as Israel or other countries living around them. This is a planned scheme and at the center of it lies the genocide of Palestinians and removal of the residents from their own land, they are always termed as refugees but before all of this started they had their own identity and a state, to begin with. Even today Israel is trying its very best to cast Palestinians out of their land in this oppressive occupation and wants to claim event the lasting pieces of land that they have, UN should step in now when there is still time and make sure that Palestinians get their chance at a free country and the rights they are entitled to.

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