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What Is A RAW Partition, And the Best RAW Partition Data Recovery Software?

Summary:  Recovering data from the RAW partition can be a complex thing. However, if you are using one of the best RAW partition data recovery software, you will find the data recovery have smoothened up.


Hard drives are the most sensitive part of any system, one simple mistake and can affect the hard drive’s performance. In fact, when you find that your hard drive is unreadable or suddenly marked RAW, it is due to damaged hard drives.

This is a common problem that many of us face somewhere down the line while using your system rigorously. However, the positive side is that you have many solutions to tackle this problem and recover back your data safely and securely.

In this article, we discuss the RAW partition and the methods you can use to recover data from the RAW partitions.

What Is the Raw Partition?

When we think about the hard drives, we see them as a single unit cabinet. But when you disassemble it, you will find that the hard drive is made up of several stacks of disks known as partitions.

When you store any data in the system, the data is automatically allocated space in any partitions. This ensures that every data has its own space and can easily be retrieved.

A file management system looks over the data flow and helps the system with storage and retrieval. Without a file system, you can consider your hard drive a big cabinet without any drawers, and all the data is mixed up.

When your system shows a RAW partition, it means that someone or something has taken out one binder of the hard drive and has thrown away all the documents. Well, if something like that happens to your system, it is really bad news.

Can I Recover Data from A RAW Partition?

Yes, there are ways in which you can recover the data. However, there are certain things you need to consider while you are recovering data from a RAW partition.

  • Formatting of the hard drive is prohibited.
  • Do not write new data.
  • Do not start the recovery procedure without knowing the extent of the damage.

Best RAW Partition Data Recovery Software

While you are there in the market, hundreds of data recovery software is claiming to be the best RAW partition data recovery software. At the same time, some might be claiming the truth, but not all.

With that being said, here is our recommendation, iBoysoft Data Recovery. iBoysoft was first introduced in 2017. Since then, it has been among the top list of many professionals. 

With iBoysoft Data Recovery, you get both free and paid versions. So, even if our recommendation raises any queries, you can try out the free version to understand how it works and gain insight into its performance.

Pros Of iBoysoft Data Recovery

  • Easy-To-Use Interface

iBoysoft data recovery software has an easy-to-use user interface. While it scans the files and folders, it allows the users to look at which data is being scanned.

  • Support Latest Operating System

One thing everybody wants is to have up-to-date software that offers a scan of the latest operating system. Well, iBoysoft Data Recovery certainly does that. It offers customers all the latest operating cistern scanning features.

  • It’s Safe

We know freeware can be infected by malware or have popping ads. However, with iBoysoft data recovery software, you get highly secure features.

Cons Of iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

  • Deep Scan Can Too Much of Time

We understand that deep scans do take time, but for iBoysoft data recovery software, it takes more than 30 minutes. Although the results are good, if this time can be shortened, most consumers will consider this a perfect data recovery software.

Final Thoughts

Recovering data from a RAW partition is difficult, but not when you have the best RAW partition data recovery software. Here we have discussed the RAW partition and what software is the best to retrieve data from a Raw Partition. 

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