What is an Online Casino Slot Bonus?


At the end of the day, every online casino is a business. The players are the customers and the games are the product. Every business would want customers to spend more and more on their product. So, businesses use promotional schemes to incentivize their customers. Similarly, online casinos use bonuses to motivate players and make them play more – try Fruit Shop Slot.

What are the Different Bonuses?

There are different types of bonuses that you might come across in a casino at the time of playing slots:

Welcome/Sign-up Bonus

As you can guess from the name, this slot bonus 100 is offered to new players right at the time of signing up. When a customer is trying a product for the first time, the business would obviously want the customer to have the best experience possible so that the customer would come back for more. So, the welcome bonus is a way of giving players an additional support. For instance, if a casino offers you a 100% welcome bonus for your first deposit, it means that if you deposit £100 on your first game, your account will be credited with £200, i.e., 100% extra.

Amount Deposited Bonus Percentage Bonus Limit Amount Credited
£1,100 100% £1,000 £2,100

Now, most casinos put a limit on the welcome bonus. Suppose that the casino gives you a 100% welcome bonus up to £1,000. This means that if you deposit more than £1,000, say £1,100, your account will not be credited with (£1,100 + £1,100) or £2,200. It will be credited with (£1,100 + £1,000) or £2,100.

Free Spins

Whenever a business launches a new product, it promotes it by giving free samples. That is exactly what free spins are, i.e., you can spin the reel for free. This bonus is used when a slot game is newly added to a casino’s catalogue. After all, gambling involves real money. If a game is new, players might be hesitant to try their luck as it will be like venturing into unchartered territory.

That is why, casinos allow them to get accustomed to the new slot games by allowing players to play without having to make a deposit. Now, this does not necessarily mean that free spins are only used in new games. Almost every slot game can help you win free spins if you use the wilds and the scatters wisely.


Apart from welcome bonuses and free spins, online casinos tend to give slot players a series of other lucrative bonuses too. Some of them are:

  •         Refer-a-Friend Bonus (when you make a new player sign up with your referral)
  •         Payment-Method Bonus (when you use the brand of e-wallet the casino suggested)
  •         Deposit Bonus (when you make an additional deposit in your credit account)
  •         Cashback Bonus (when you get reimbursement for your loss at a game)
  •         Reload Bonus (when you make a deposit after being inactive for many days)

Final Thoughts

There are no dearth of attractive bonus offers out there. However, you have to be careful about the wagering criteria. Read the terms and conditions very thoroughly. The wagering criteria specify how many games you have to play and how much balance you must maintain in your account before being able to claim a bonus. We hope you do well. 

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