What is Post War Prints?

When you take a look at the history of contemporary art, you will figure out how it has evolved through many generations. As you keep on exploring them, Post War prints is something that you will come across. This was one of the most prominent movements of art that took place in history. The movement happened right after World War II. This is the main reason why the movement is called as Post-War Movement.

Let’s deep dive and learn more about what Post War prints are all about. Based on that, you can even go ahead and spend your money in purchasing the Post War prints that are available for purchase out there.

What is the Post War movement?

Post War movement is quite different from modern art movement, which was introduced back in the year 1963. Post War movement was directly influenced by the modern art movement. It is believed that artists based in Paris were the pioneers behind Post War movement. The main reason why they went ahead with Post War movement was that it could depict real world instead of realism in an effective manner.

Symbolism, post-impressionism, and impressionism are some of the words that you can use to define the Post War movement. However, it is also important to keep in mind that there were numerous art movements that emerged after the Second World War. Hence, anyone who wants to learn what Post War movement is should have a clear understanding about the boundaries associated with it. This is where you will be able to get a better understanding about the impact that the world war could create in the world of art.

There aren’t enough facts available to figure out what exactly would give life to post war art. However, it is believed that Post War art is a combination of all the art movements that came into play after the Second World War. This movement was gaining a lot of attention before contemporary art emerged. This is the simplest classification that someone could give to Post War art.

Time after the Second World War was bipolar. That’s because the world was divided into two main groups. On the left, there were the socialists in USSR. On the other hand, there was the capitalist west, dominated by the USA. This bipolarity could create an impact on the world of art as well.

What is represented by Post War art?

Now you have a basic understanding on what Post War art and Post War prints are all about. While keeping that in mind, let’s deep dive to explore more facts.

Before the World War II, there were numerous emerging artists in the Europe. On top of that, there were art dealers, scholars, and art collectors as well. However, the second World War ended by destroying European capitals, including Paris. Paris was the epicenter of art and it was completely destroyed. This created an ideal environment for the mixing of both European and American aesthetics. The concept gained a lot of attention. This eventually gave life to Post War movement.

Post War movement is the very first internationally recognized movement with related to the US art scene to emerge. There were numerous popular and well-known artists backing up this movement. Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock are some of the most prominent artists who contributed a lot towards it. They were able to keep New York City as the base of the art movement. This contributed a lot towards the future progression of the movement as well.

During this time, there were art movements taking place within the Soviet Union as well. All of them were led by the Fine Art Department. These art movements were quite different, as they were based on socialism.

Transition from Post War to contemporary art

It is believed that the contemporary art movement was emerged based on the roots of Post War movement. Contemporary art is quite popular in today’s world. It is the simplest definition that one can give to art. But when you deep dive and take a look at the facts, you will figure out that art we can see today has been there since the 1950s. A variety of inspirations, subjects, concepts, methods, and materials contributed a lot towards the success of this art movement. In other words, they created a strong framework or ideology for the development of the art movement.

Where were pioneers such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, who contributed towards taking Post War movement to the next level and giving life to the contemporary art movement. They were able to secure successful results out of their efforts. This form of art was soon able to gain a lot of attention. Hence, people could see them in  day-to-day mass produced objects and comic books as well.

There is numerous evidence available to prove how modern art emerged based on the roots of Post War art. For example, we will be able to see the same fundamental concepts in both of them. Contemporary movement was able to create a major impact on the lives of people, but it didn’t give out the chances that Post War art had in order to secure success. It was possible to see how people were sticking to Post War prints for many different purposes. For example, tattoos, origami, and embroidery were based upon the concepts of Post War. Some of the artists showed a resistance in moving from Post War art to contemporary art. They were able to contribute a lot towards the success of Post War art.

Final words

Now you have a clear understanding about the Post War movement. If you are keen to purchase Post War prints, you will be able to go ahead and do that as well. There are numerous online stores, which will provide you the opportunity to get your hands-on Post-War prints. It is up to you to take a look at them and get hold of what is available.

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